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These videos are a step by step process in before, during, and after a spray on tan. You can watch them in order or skip ahead.


Spray Tanning SuppliesSupplies you will need for your business to perform a spray tan.
EXFOLIATING your skin.The correct way to cleanse your skin.
SHAVING you skin.Why your should shave before tanning.
MOISTURIZING your skin.How moisturizing help a spray tan.
WHY we Prepare our Skin.The importance to have clean skin when you tan.
What to WEAR BEFORE & AFTERWhat clothing and materials not to use.
ALLERGIC REACTION to spray tan products.How to test for allergic reactions.
PROTECTING furniture from tanning solutions.Protecting your furniture when you do a spray tan.


Spray Tan Check ListMaking sure all procedures are taken before and after.
How to apply tan solutions to LEGS.The legs can be tricky and the best way to apply.
How to applying tan solution to ARMS.Make your customers arms look great with proper technical.
How to apply tan solution to STOMACH & CHEST.Why this area does not tan as good as others.
How to applying tanning solution to the BACK.The back is one of the easiest parts of the body.
How to apply tanning solutions to FACE & NECK.Careful not to spray to heavy these areas.
How to finish up with your Spray Tan.Going back over one extra time can be better results.

Video's: After You Spray Tan

How to Clean EquipmentProper Maintenance is a most from day to day.
How to Clean ClientThey will feel a little sticky after. How to help.
Spray Tan After CareThings you should do for your tan after, day to day.

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