Warranty on Equip. Tan Equipment Warranty Should Cover

What a Warrant on Equip. should cover?

Choosing good equipment for any of your business needs is very important. You can tell a great deal how well your equipment will perform by the equipments warranty. When looking for additional equipment weather it is in tanning beds, airbrushing, and hair supplies, read the warranty that comes with them. Here are a few pointers to look for.

Depending on how expensive your equipment is look at the length of the warranty. Equipment that runs several hundreds of dollars should run two to five years. Equipment that runs in the thousands should have a warranty of five years to ten years. Most items under two hundred should offer at least a years warranty.
Warranties should cover any electric and other major mechanisms. Small items like timers, pins, hoses, bulbs are items that need to be replace occasionally and to be honest it isn’t worth trying to go through a warranty. Small items like these can be purchased on the side.

Make sure the warranty is written out and includes all items that are listed under the warranty to make things perfectly clear. Also included should be a listing of items not covered with the equipment.
Read about the manufacture and see how long they have been in business. Most business small and large back warranties, but companies under a two year running may close there doors and then warranties become void due to the fact that business could not support cash flow.

Warranties are given so you can be secure in knowing you are getting a good piece of equipment and that you are supported by the manufacture. When redeeming a warranty make sure you have your sells receipt and the company you purchased it through. Retailer is not responsible for warranties and is not by law held responsible for the manufactures warranty. Make sure you are dealing with the manufacture company in regards to your warranty. The store where you purchased equipment can give you information on how to contact manufactures of the brands they carry.

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