Airbrush VS Turbine Airbrush Tan VS HVLP Turbine Tan Equipment

Airbrush VS Turbine Tan Equipment

I know that in a months time I am ask the question, “Which equipment gives the better the airbrush or the turbine?” The truth of the matter is it all depends on your business and what you plan to use your equipment for. Many salons now days perform many different types of services with equipment, from tanning, nails, makeup, tattoo, and body art. If your salon or spa are interested in performing any of these services with your equipment then it is a most to have airbrush equipment.

Lets first begin with explaining the HVLP Turbine systems. Turbines are some of the easiest equipment to use in tanning. They come pre adjusted so there is no fuss or hassle in setting your equipment up. They are also very easy in performance when performing a spray tan. Turbines can spray large areas such as the body in a short time (tanning in Five minutes). Because of the ease and the speed of which this type of equipment can perform is the reason why it has grown in the tanning industry.

Turbines for tanning are most often made from plastic products. Spray tan systems for tanning, comes with compressor hose and spray gun. They are very easy to clean and maintain for salons. Because they are made of plastic, you must watch how you handle your equipment. This type of equipment can be easily damage if not taken care of and with Turbines cost, it is important to take care of your equipment so you will not have to replace expensive guns or compressors.

There are limits to using the turbine system. HVLP Turbines only come in the spray guns; so smaller detail works such as nails, makeup, and tattoos are out of the running with this equipment.

Airbrush equipment is widely known in the beauty industry for all types of services. Mostly they are known in the tanning and nail industry but they are becoming a growing demand in body art and makeup industry also.

Airbrush equipment can be less expensive than turbines in tanning, but it also inexpensive to add this other services with an extra airbrush at a low cost. Most airbrushes can perform several beauty services for your business. Most airbrushes that can be used for tanning can also be used for tattoo and body art. Other airbrushes can be used for nails, makeup, and tattoo all in one airbrush. With airbrush equipment you also have the option of the spray guns, which allows you to perform tanning in five minutes just like a turbine system. These spray guns can also be used for larger body artwork also.

Airbrush Equipment does have a wide selection of equipments to choose from. Before ordering it is a good idea to talk with a professional and explain which services you are interested in.

There are also a few more things you need to know about airbrush equipment. With airbrush equipment you must learn to use the proper settings for you to work with it correctly. You have the option to adjust the airflow and the mist of the spray tan. It is the same with nails and makeup and tattoos. Before using your equipment in a professional manner you need to become familiar with these setting and how to adjusting according to your own demands. Some persons like to go slower while others like to move faster. This is great for salons that will have more than one user with equipment.

When using heavier paints in nails, makeup, and tattoo, you will need to clean your equipment with an airbrush cleaner. This will help lubricate the pens and needles inside your equipment. Always clean equipment after every use. Do not let it set for a long amount of time or this can seriously damage your airbrushes.

Airbrush equipments are made of several different types of products. They come in chrome, metal, aluminum, and platinum materials. Some inexpensive equipment can have plastic handles or triggers. Airbrush equipment is very durable and can last for long amounts of times. Some of the best manufacture back their products with great warranties up to five years. Needles are something that will need to be replaced occasionally but they only cost a few dollars. If damage does happen to a piece of your equipment, it is very easy to replace that piece at a very low cost. There is no reason to have to buy a new airbrush with parts at such a low cost.

So which equipment is better? That is a question you will have to decide. Hopefully the information above can help you in choosing the right equipment for you.


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