Science of Womens Skin Science of Womens Skin

Due to the cycles in a woman's lifespan, her skin is different than a man's skin. Specifically, women have thinner skin than men which makes exposure to the sun critically more important to a woman. Always use skin care products that have sunscreen at least SPF8 level. The skin on the arms, back, and legs should be protected whenever the skin is exposed to the sun. Typically, the critical hours are 10am until 4pm, however, the closer to the Equator, the more critical the SPF level and exposure time.

It is said that women are said to age more quickly than men and the sun exposure issue is a major factor. The sun's penetrating UVA rays on under protected skin allow the sun's penetrating UVA rays to more quickly and deeply damage a woman's thinner skin. As a result of western women's dress, melanoma develops on different body areas than men. Because fashion dictates, women often wear skirts, the most common site for serious skin issues is the lower legs. In men, melanoma is most commonly found on the back. To protect yourself from skin cancer, remember to cover all exposed skin at all times.

A woman's skin also tends to change color and texture with age; while sun exposure is responsible for many of these changes, others are caused by the dynamic hormonal variations that occur around and during menopause. The hormone estrogen is responsible for maintaining the bony framework beneath the skin and helps keep the skin soft and resilient and works to keep a vibrant, healthy facial complexion. The issue of hormone replacement therapy is front and center in the news today. The use of all-natural progesterone creams provides many or all of the benefits hormone replacement therapy does, however, with natural products and without many of the side effects.

A woman's skin is the largest organ of the body. It functions as a barrier to prevent the intrusion of toxic substance, provides a first line of defense against bacterial, viral, and fungal organisms, acts as a thermostat in regulating body temperature and acts as a sensor for stimuli through touch. Great looking skin begins early in childhood but requires careful attention throughout life to guarantee beautiful, healthy skin as an adult.

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