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"How to get a fast tan?"

Most of us are always looking to get a good and fast tan. But getting a good tan can be harder than you thought. Some of us struggle to build a tan and yet we never get as dark as we may like. If you are like me ( fair and hard to tan) then you know what I mean. Self tanners don't do it nor tanning beds and the sun leaves us more burned and in pain than what it was worth to even try. Not to mention all the damage we cause to our skin in the process of all these methods.

Over the course of time I have worked in tanning salons and have dealt with hundreds of clients. I helped clients with their skin care, self tanner lotions, tanning beds, and airbrush tanning. I found out over time that we all need our own way to tan the best, we just have to find the right way for ourselves. Each one of us has things that work better for us than others, and each one of us has different concerns.

I hope that the information that I give you in this article can help you decide which may work best for you. If one doesn't work don't give up, there is something out there that can help you if you just remain patient. Until you find it, be sure to take care of your skin so you can have the best tan ever.

Skin Care

The first step in getting a healthy tan much less a fast tan is to moisturize. Your skin is what produces a tan and it has to be condition to give you a gorgeous tan. If your skin is condition correctly, you can get a tan fast. Moisturize your skin daily not only will help you build a great tan, but will also improve the overall look and feel of your skin. You will be happy that you began this ritual after a few weeks when you see how healthy your skin begins to look. Remember, Beautifully tanned skin is healthy skin, and when skin is well-hydrated and supple, it looks its best.

The next step in preparing your skin for tanning is to exfoliate. When you exfoliate your skin you are cleaning away dead skin cells from your body. This also helps smooth rough areas of your skin. Before tanning in any way, exfoliation is a most because you want your skin to look smooth and clean. Besides the fact that dead skin, does not tan.

The final step in skincare for your tanning is to shave your legs and all those other unmentionable areas. As with exfoliation, you want your skin to be smooth and hair upon your skin is a obstacle that most be removed. Weather you are tanning in the sun, bed, self tanner, or airbrushing, shaving will make your tan more even.

Now that you have prepared your skin and are looking fresh and healthy in it, lets give it beautiful with some color.


With new method on the market today, getting a fast tan is easier than ever. In today's world you have, lotions, bottle of mist, tanning beds and booths, spray tan booths, and airbrush tanning. Don't be frighten with all your options, because in today they are all effective ways to tan. Some are safer than others and I endorse that you try them for the safety of your health.

Truth be told, there's no such thing as completely safe tanning, but we can aim for a healthier tan. Never take the easy way out and always follow specific guidelines with whatever method you choose to tan.

Self-Tanner Lotion= Tanning lotions are a quick and inexpensive way to get a fast tan. You apply the lotion evenly over your entire body. Apply the self tanning lotion by hand wearing appropriate gloves and using a circular motion. Most self tanning lotions come with moisturizer built in so you are hydrating your skin as you tan. You can pick from a light medium or dark shade depending on your skin tone. Always pick the shade that is no more than three shades darker than your skin tone. Any darker and it will look unnatural.

Using a self-tanner lotion, you will need to reapply on a daily bases. Don't be discourage after the first day or so and you don't see the results you anticipated. Self-tanner lotions can take up to three to five days before a fully developed color starts to appear.

Don't just pick any product off the shelf. Cheap products usually do not work all that well. In my experience Nivea and Neutrogena will give you the best results.

Mist Tan= A self-tanning mist will come in an aerosol can. The mist will come out in an even flow and you will spray your entire body. Start with your feet and legs and work your way up. When spraying the face, close your eyes and hold your breathe. It is also good to keep the spray off of your lips also. Try using a chap stick and then wiping it off after your finished.

I find that the mist can be more effective than a lotion but it is much more expensive. With only one can you can only do one tan. I find that even though it does give a good tan it is to costly to do on a regular bases.

Tanning Pills= There's been a great debate about the effectiveness of tanning pills. Though not yet FDA-approved, several varieties of tanning pills are on the market. The most popular ones contains carotenoid pigments which colors the fatty cells and shows through your skin. Tanning pills have been linked to various side effects, including hepatitis and canthaxanthin retinopathy, a condition in which yellow deposits form in the retina of the eye. Side effects including damage to the digestive system and skin surface have also been noted.

If you use tanning pills to tan they most have the carotenoid pigments in them or else you will not tan. Be aware, that taking tanning pills can make a body more sensitive to sun and UV rays. This can be dangerous if you are fair skin and are hard to tan. In which case my advise is to avoid this method of tanning.

Tanning Beds & Booths= There is a lot to be said about tanning by beds and or stand up booths. Several studies have shown that tanning under a tanning bed can increase the risk of getting cancer. On the other hand studies have shown that tanning has helped reduce the risks of cancer by its controlled system that reduces the risk of sunburn. I recommend that if you decide to tan by the use of tanning beds, then do a little more research in the area. At you can see a wide range of articles on UVA and UVB rays.

Tanning beds do give a good tan. Using this method choose a tanning lotion for indoor tanning to help build your tan faster. A lotion with a bronzer will give you a tan the fastest, but over time you might want to try one without the bronzer. Extended use we cause your tan to start looking fake and unnatural. Be sure to start slow to reduce the rick of burning. Sunburn is the main cause of skin cancer and other skin related problems. For your first week you should lay no more than ten minutes. second week you can up it to fifteen and by the third go for twenty. Never do no more than twenty minutes in a bed. New tanning beds on the market today offer less time to tan. Be sure to follow these beds exposure time.

Tanning beds are also good for other things besides tanning. They have been known to help reduce acne to the body and face if not overexposed. Tanning beds also help reduce muscle aches and joint pain in the body. This is due to the volume of heat that they radiate.

Most people enjoy this form of tanning above the other methods. Be aware that there is risk in using tanning beds and if you or your family has or have a risk of cancer, then you should void the use of them.

Airbrush Tanning= This is one of the newest forms of tanning and has only been around in the last ten years. Believe it are not the airbrush tan is the most natural looking artificial tans on the market. If you are opting in for sunless tanning then you have got to try airbrush tanning. It is the easiest and fastest way to tan and is highly recommend by most people who have tried it.

Most people go to a salon and let a airbrush technician tan them but you can also perform this tanning method in your own home. An airbrush tan takes anywhere from five to twenty minutes to apply, depending on the equipment being used. I recommend having your tan performed with both a small and large airbrush. The large airbrush will have you on your way faster and the smaller one will help fine tune those small and hard to reach areas.

Mistic Spray Booths= Spray booths are just like airbrush tanning except they are done in a booth by a machine spraying you. It takes all of three minutes to be sprayed and then all is left is for you to dry. Truthfully, Mistic spray tanning is the overall fastest way to tan.

Be aware that spray booths are a machine that is spraying you and that you most follow the direction the technician gives you to get an accurate tan. There is room to error in using this method but most of thee time it is minimum.

Mistic Spray booths are a little more expensive to use than other tanning methods. In my experience you can have a higher quality tan by the airbrush tan at less the cost.

After Care

Having that healthy glowing tan does not end here. From here you will need to go back to caring for your skin.

If you tan by tanning beds or booths make sure you apply moisturizing lotion. This is best to apply after you shower the tanning lotion off your skin. Keep up with exfoliating your skin at least once a week.

Sunless Tanning after care is a little different. You need to keep yourself moisturized also but since you have a fake tan, make sure you use a tan extender to help preserve the life of your tan. Tan extenders has bronzers in them to work with your skin on top of giving a deep hydration to your skin.

Whatever method you choose to use, remember that you only get one set of skin and that you need to take care of it. You don't want to look like a leather bag or grow scales due to the fact of overexposure to UV rays.

If your looking for a recommendation of a product, then I will give you mine. Airbrush Tanning and I do it myself in my own home. Its easier to use than you may think and it also saves me a lot of money than going to a salon.


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