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Magic Tan/ Mystic Tan Spray Booth Tanning Solution

Magic Tan/ Mystic Tan Spray Booth Tanning Solution
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Want a better formula for your automated spray tanning booth? Customers turning orange? Customers experiencing poor fading? Customers complaining about being to sticky? Tired of paying way to much for your booth juice? Worried if you switch you will void your warranty? We have the answer. We have worked with a MAJOR supplier of Custom Blended Spray Tan Formulas to produce Top Quality Performing Spray Tanning Booth Blends SPECFIC to Magic Tan (All Booths Including VersaSpa) & Mystic Tan Automated Booths EXACT FORUMULA SPECIFICATIONS! (THESE FORMULAS WILL WORK WITH ANY OTHER AUTOMATED BOOTH GUARANTEED)

These blends will: Apply FLAWLESSLY in your unit. Are manufactured to the EXACT specs for both Magic Tan and Mystic Tan booths. Both have been formulated to provide reduced filming action to minimize residue build-up, greatly helps in cleaning and maintenance on all automated spray booths. Dries VERY QUICK Develops Color In As Little As 4 hours. Contains ADVANCED Skin Firming Agents Copper Amino Acids Botanical Plant Extracts Aloe Vera Gel Comfrey Extract Panthenol Wheat Amino Acids Green Tea Extract Leaves skin feeling soft and silky!



TWO DARKNESS LEVELS: Standard 9% OR Premium 10.5% Bronze or Clear Tint

A drum wench is needed to open the 5 gallon container. You can add to order below if needed.


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