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Badger Air-Brush Co. has embraced the philosophies of high quality, good value, and superior service since our inception nearly forty years ago. From the people we employ to the products we manufacture, Badger’s dedication to excellence and quality is unmatched.

Every Badger product, at every stage of production, is created with pride and dedication. Each Badger airbrush component is machined to exacting standards, assembled carefully by hand and then tested in use to assure that it not only meets our high standards, but exceeds your expectations. Our research and development teams consistently experiment with new product ideas and designs in order to meet the changing needs and interests of airbrushers of all levels for every purpose.

Furthermore, our commitment to quality and innovation extends beyond the sale of an airbrush. As we have grown, we have established an extensive customer service/dealer network which can promptly provide supplies and replacement parts. In addition, Badger has developed a network of airbrush consultants that continually provide us with feedback from the end user’s perspective. This consultant network also enables Badger to excel as an education and trouble shooting resource for airbrushers of all skill levels. The conscientious manner in which we stand behind our product and the high level of support we offer BADGER airbrush users (and air brushers in general) are part of what distinguishes BADGER from other airbrush manufacturers.

As a result we approach the coming century confident in our people, products and philosophy. However, Badger Air-Brush Co. is not content to rest on the past achievements that have made us the leading manufacturer of air brushes in the world. You can count on Badger to continue to push the envelope, through innovative new products, advanced airbrush technology and design, more accessible airbrush education, superior service. . . and a relentless desire to meet your air brushing needs . . . to become and remain your airbrush of choice.

Badger Warranty Information

On the rare occasion your Badger or Thayer & Chandler airbrush needs service, you'll be glad to know...  

BADGER AIR-BRUSH CO. MANUFACTURED AIRBRUSHES HAVE A LIFETIME LABOR WARRANTY. Whether it be a "finally necessary"  airbrush refurbishment or a "for whatever reason" major repair, if your Badger airbrush needs service, the labor is FREE of charge. Additionally, on the rare occasion there are notable repair related parts' costs, it is Badger Air-Brush Co.'s practice to notify the airbrush owner prior to completing the repair (as long as we have the necessary contact information).  In many cases the only cost for service of your Badger airbrush is the cost of sending the airbrush to us**.  Once we receive the airbrush we usually just repair it and send it back - no questions asked.  Turn around time for most refurbishments/repairs is 72 hours from Badger Air-Brush Co.'s receipt of the airbrush(es). 

Most Badger airbrush owners are not only pleased with Badger's attentive service, in many cases amazed and/or  impressed are more accurate superlatives for describing the level of satisfaction Badger airbrush owner's experience related to Badger's conscientious and generous airbrush service.  (A few testimonials related to our excellent service are shared below). 

**International repairs require customer payment of return shipment also.

If you need to send your airbrush(es) in for service, please print a copy of this page, write a short note on the reverse side explaining the concerns you have about your airbrush, indicate your address/phone number/email address, and include it with the shipment (shipping information is indicated below). Our service department will handle your needs accordingly.  

To return product for service please send to:
Attention: Product Service

Traceable shipment is recommended for all product returns.

To seek product usage or service assistance email us at customerservice@badgerairbrush.com

To seek product usage or service assistance by phone, between the hours of 8:30am-3pm CST, please call: 847-678-3104 extension *213

Should you require or prefer to reach Badger Air-Brush Co. by fax, please send fax to: 847-671-4352

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