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Where will you use your Tanning Equipment?

Our clients buy from us in a large selection of different businesses. We would like to know more on where you perform your spray tanning services. Please vote on where you use your equipment. Survey began 9/15/15

Tanning Salon 28%
Hair Salon 11%
Nail Salon 1%
Cosmetic Studio 1%
Spa Resort 1%
Mobile Business 40%
Home Business 14%
Other 3%

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What do you use for Your Spray Tanning Sessions?

Survey began 2/8/13

Airbrush Equipment 14%
Hvlp Turbine Equipment 38%
Still Looking to Buy 48%

To see what others are using you most vote!

How do you use your Airbrush Equipment?

Airbrushes have many benefits over turbines and the include makeup, nails, body art, and of course tanning. We know must of you use your equipment for tanning but, what else you use your airbrush equipment for? Survey began 2/8/13

Makeup 33%
Nails 0%
Body Art 0%
All Services 12%
Just Tanning 54%

to see results, you must Vote!

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