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Booths and Tents

Pop up TentsPop up TentsPop up Tanning Tent are portable spray booths that pop up in seconds. Spray Tan Tents are an essential product for mobile tan business and for home use.
Filter SystemsFilter SystemsFilter systems are a must have item for spray tanning if you are doing large numbers of tanning sessions in a day.
Read Before PurchaseRead Before PurchaseInformation that you need to know before purchasing a spray tan pop up tent or booth. Video's are also available for you see see how to fold and unfold a pop up tent. 

Spray Tan Areas and Booths

An area devoted to spray tanning is very important to your salon and or home use. Any area that will have numerous spray tan sessions on a daily bases needs to have certain supplies, storage, and equipment available and easy to get to. Here are a few basic things needed to help you set up and maintain a good working environment for your spray tanning. A private room or area is very important in maintaining customer privacy and security. Rooms of ten to fifteen feet in diameter are preferred by most in a professional setting. Keeping your spray tan room completely supplied with the right items is also important. You don’t want to have to step out side for anything after you begin a tan. Always keep the area locked and secure the whole time while you and your client are inside.

Pop Up Tents, Booths, Towers, and Filter Systems

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