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Purchase of Tents and Booths Regulations

Sunless tanning booths are a must have in any professional or home setting where spray tans occur.  This doesn't mean that you must buy a spray tanning booth, but it is an option that many of you enjoy.  Sunless Tan Masters wants to share with you some of your options besides having to purchase a sunless tanning spray booth or the pop up tent.

Many mobile business and homes prefer the pop up tents we have.  These pop up spray tents fold and unfold easily and are great for carrying and storage.  If you are wanting to start a mobile tanning business or if your looking to just spray tan in your home, these portable pop up tents are a really fun and easy item to use.

With stationary airbrush tanning overspray booth, you have a few more options than having to purchase a tanning booth.  If you are planing to have a stationary spray tan area you might want to look into building or setting up one on your own.  We have a helpful article called "How to set up a spray tan area?", that can give you a few ideas of items and supplies you may need.  This article is also helpful in stocking a spray tan rooms with some of the most used supply items. 

Stationary sunless tanning booths that are sold here, are great options for people who rather buy a tanning booth and work around it.  These booths are professional grade and will look really nice in your salon or business.  They allow for great lighting and have built in vents for filter systems to reduce over spray. 

Filter systems are a must in areas that perform many spray tans in a general day. Overspray Filter systems cut down on the over-spray of spray tan solution in the air.  Dha tan Solutions are FDA approved for external use.  Some consumers have reported problems with breathing, dizzy, and sickness due to the spray mist booths (automatic spray tanning booths), but few reports come from airbrush and turbine systems.

Pop-up Tents can be broken when not used or folded properly. We will not refund tanning tents that have been bent or broken by improper handling.

Folding the spray tan tent is incredibly simple but please do not purchase the tent before viewing the video.

Please do not attempt to fold the  pop up tent tent before viewing the folding video.

The portable spray tan tents are top quality but some may have minor scuff marks on the yellow piping from when the tents are folded in the factory or rubbing that may have occurred during shipping. This occurs because the rods are highly pressurized against the fabric. To most, this is not a concern or even noticed should be understood.

The graphics shown are on the demo models only. Pop up Tents do not come with logo printed on them.


Tan Hut ll can sometimes take up to two weeks for delivery.  This is a rare assurance but we asked that you please keep this in mind when ordering.

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