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Leisure Bronzing Drops

Leisure Bronzing Drops
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Now get two bottles of the leisure tan drops. One for a darker instant tan AND one for a darker tan effect throughout your tans life.

Leisure Tan Instant Bronzing Drops. Add just a drop or two and get an instant darker tan with your sunless spray tan. Best used with Leisure tan solution but can be used with other DHA tanning solution. Add extra bronzers to your spray tanning solution.

Leisure Tan Darker tan Effect Drops. Get a darker tan without have to get a darker percentage solution. Boost the DHA in your solution with just a few drops

This additive is multi-functional. It boosts the intensity of the immediate bronze color, while the glycolic composition of bronze blast aids in the exfoliation of dead skin cells which promotes new cell growth resulting in healthier skin appearance and a longer lasting tan.


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