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Spray Tanning at home can save you much money in just one year of use. Your equipment will more than pay for itself after just one year of use. This is one of the reasons why spray tanning at home has become so popular.

Another reason why airbrush tanning at home has become so popular is because it is very easy to use. Within the first few tries at the spray tan, you will have a good fill for the equipment and be on your way to being a natural in no time.

Can I spray tan myself?

Many people ask us this every year. It is possible but there are some limitations and you need the right type of equipment. For people looking to spray themselves you need to really look at the small handheld airbrush systems. The handheld airbrushes either the single action or the dual action, are going to be your best option. Smaller airbrush are not as fast at spraying the tan mist, and they also slow the process down for a more detailed tan. The tan mist is very fine and the small airbrush allows you to maneuver around your body more easy. You need to be aware that spraying yourself does take more time to learn and you really need to practice giving a spray tan to someone else to get a feel for your equipment. You will also have some problems with the upper back area of your body. Most people who do spray themselves only spray most visible areas of their bodies like the arms, legs, shoulders, and face areas.To get a good tan on your back, it is best if someone else sprays you.

Most airbrush tanning equipment now days is purchased by couples. Husbands and wives, mothers and daughters, even friends are now purchasing equipment and spraying each other. It is best if both parties are agreeable on the equipment purchased so each has a understanding of how the system is used.

Do I need a Spray Gun?

The spray gun has become one of the most popular items in sunless tanning. The spray gun allows for a fast tan, all over the body in as little as five minutes. They are easy to use but do spray the tan mist more faster than the small airbrushes. Only good to use spraying someone else and not yourself. A steady hand is needed to go over the body with the spray gun. Because the mist sprays faster, some people like the option of purchasing a small airbrush for areas like the face, hands, and feet for a better tan.

Spray guns are offered in the airbrush tan systems and the hvlp turbine tan systems. Turbine systems do however only have the spray gun for fast tanning. For best results with the turbine spray gun please make sure you are purchasing a good quality gun.

Which equipment is more easy to use?

HVLP Turbine tan systems are more easy to use than the airbrush tanning systems. Turbine tans have only one sometimes two settings. The turbine spray gun hooks up to an air blower machine that runs in a continuous manner. The smaller air machines can run a little loud but with a larger machine they can be more quiet. The turbine tanning system should say if it is a quiet unit or else it is not.

Airbrush tan spray guns and the handheld airbrushes are more adjustable. They have small levers on the airbrush to slow down or speed up the tan mist sprayed. This allows for more control over the tanning process.

How often will I use My equipment?

Most people who purchase home tanning equipment use it about once a week. Face and hands often fade faster and some people like to do touch ups during the week also. With couple's using equipment once a week you don't really need a professional tan system. Small compressor and turbines are best options for such small volume use. They can be louder than more costly systems but still have just the right amount of power you will need.

How much should I spend on Home Tanning equipment?

With equipment being used about once a week, we recommend no more than $200 to $400 dollars. There are smaller systems that cost less but most of them are made out of plastic materials and are not built to last. You should get a good year maybe two but want last as long as regular airbrush and turbine tan equipment.

What about warranties?

A tanning systems warranty should also be considered into your price. Warranties can last 1, 2, and 5 years. Some equipment even offer lifetime labor warranties of there equipment. We recommend at least a two year warranty on equipment costing &200 to $400 dollars. That doesn't mean your equipment will not last longer. Must spray tanning equipment last five to ten years if taken care of. We have also found that most problems with tanning equipment happens within the first two years of purchase if any.

What about the different brands of equipment?

Most equipment is made by several main manufactures. Many popular labels, use the same equipment only they have placed their name on the system. These systems are usually priced more because of this. The same equipment can be purchased from a manufactures distributions agents (like Sunless Tan Masters) at less the cost.

Different manufactures do use different materials in making their equipment. Stainless steel is used most often in less costly manufacture systems and material like steel alloy, and Teflon come more from more advanced manufacture systems. Stainless steel is usually good for about five years where steel alloy and Teflon can last up to ten years. This is also something to consider in pricing.

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