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Buying an Airbrush Tanning system or a HVLP Turbine Tan System for your salon is one of the best investment you can make as a business owner. Weather you have a small salon or a larger salon, you will see the huge impact on your profits during a tan season. Spray tan equipment is also not limited to only tanning salons anymore. Many hair salons, day spa, health clubs, and more or now offering this ever popular service.

One of the best things about owning your own salon is two things. One you have your own location where people can see your business and what you offer. Two you already have your own cliental you can offer spray tanning for. Special promotions and advertisements will bring in business faster for your new tanning services.

Depending on the size of your salon will depend on the equipment you will be needing. The larger your salon is the higher performance you will want to give to your clients. This doesn't mean that small salons do not offer good or even better services than their larger competition. But a larger salon will want to pull out all the stops with full body and touch up tanning for clients also. They will want equipment that can perform for all types of people that come in their doors. This includes a larger variety of tanning solutions, tan extenders, primers, lotions, and self tanners. Larger salons who also have expensive equipment throughout their salons will also want to keep to the standards they have set with their equipment.

In this buyer's guide, we focus on tanning salons in general because that is what we are about. This guide will help you farther understand what your going to need in equipment to perform to the standards you are needing.

Which Type of spray tanning equipment will I need for my salon?

There is a difference in what a small salon and a large salon will need in equipment, but in both, you will need a systems that can perform in a max copacaity for your clients. You need to also take into consideration of what other types of services you will be looking to perform. In most salons now days a spray gun is a great option. Clients really do love the enjoyment of having a tan done in less the time. But that is not what all they are looking for when they walk in your door. The spray tan itself will in the end keep them coming back over and over again.

Most salons should have a spray gun weather it be in an airbrush or turbine system. It is what your clients will be looking for and they are who you will be needing to please.

A spray tan area will also be needed in perform at a professional level. You will want eighter a booth or an spray panel for your tanning area. Besides the booth or spray panel you will need a filter system to capture eccesive amounts of overspray. This is to insure your clients and employees health during the spray tan session. A spray tan room can be built to coinside with the rest of your salon. You can find out more in setting up a spray tan area with the article at the top right of this page.

Should I go with Airbrush Tan equipment or the HVLP Turbine Tanning System?

Airbrush equipment offers tanning, makeup, nails, and tattoos. If you are looking to perform these other services then airbrush is what you will need. You will have a varity of small airbrushes and spray guns to work with and compressors can hook up several airbrushes at once. Compressor are also light weight and easy to move from room to room if you need. Fine detail tanning and touch up spray tanning during the week is ggod to use with the small airbrush while sppeding up a tan session is ggod with the spray gun. Both types of equipment are adjustable with a small lever that can slow down or spped up a tanning session.

HVLP Turbine Tan equipment is also a very good option. Turbine spray guns are only available to use for tanning. No other services can be performed with a turbine system, but that doesn't mean they don't have some advantages over the airbrush systems. Turbines allow for the most part an easier tanning session. They have most often one to two settings to work with makeing it eaier for all to work with. A good option if you will be having more than one person doing spray tans. They spray a very fine mist for all over body tanning. Turbine system can cost more than a airbrush system, and they are known not to last as long as the airbrush systems do.

How much should I spend on my Spray Tanning equipment?

Smaller Salons=  For the different types of equipment you will need and the high performance that will be asked for your salon services, you will really need to look into equipment in the price range of $500 to $1,000 dollars. You will also want equipment with an extended warranty of two to five years or more. Look into equipment made from Steel alloy and or teflon materials because they last longer and cause less problems.

Larger Salons=  You are going to want to stick with the standards you have set with all your other equipment. Look at only the best types of equipment made with steel alloy and teflon materials and with warranties of five years or more. More than likely you will later need an additional system to keep up with customer demands. Focus on systems in the price range of $600 to $1,400 dollars in cost. With this price range you should be able to find the best system with all the required equipment you will need.

Which Type of Tanning equipment will give me more value?

Airbrush equipment can be used in several different beauty areas. Salon tanning for such things like weddings, can also assure business for services like airbrush makeup and nails. Even services with kids like airbrush tattoo and body art for shows can be done with airbrush equipment. Considering these services and the opportunities they can allow, airbrush equipment can have more value than the turbine systems. If your are looking to offer other services like the ones listed here, you may want to consider the airbrush tanning systems. To keep equipment running smoothly, you will want to look into purchasing separate airbrushes for these services but airbrush are not to costly and can be purchased for as little as $100 dollars each.

What about warranties?

A tanning systems warranty should also be considered into your price. Warranties can last 1, 2, and 5 years. Some equipment even offer lifetime labor warranties of there equipment. That doesn't mean your equipment will not last longer. Must spray tanning equipment last five to ten years if taken care of. We have also found that most problems with tanning equipment happens within the first two years of purchase if any.

What about the different brands of equipment?

Most equipment is made by several main manufactures. Many popular labels, use the same equipment only they have placed their name on the system. These systems are usually priced more because of this. The same equipment can be purchased from a manufactures distributions agents (like Sunless Tan Masters) at less the cost.

Different manufactures do use different materials in making their equipment. Stainless steel is used most often in less costly manufacture systems and material like steel alloy, and Teflon come more from more advanced manufacture systems. Stainless steel is usually good for about five years where steel alloy and Teflon can last up to ten years. This is also something to consider in pricing.

Which equipment is more easy to use?

HVLP Turbine tan systems are more easy to use than the airbrush tanning systems. Turbine tans have only one sometimes two settings. The turbine spray gun hooks up to an air blower machine that runs in a continuous manner. The smaller air machines can run a little loud but with a larger machine they can be more quiet. The turbine tanning system should say if it is a quiet unit or else it is not.

Airbrush tan spray guns and the handheld airbrushes are more adjustable. They have small levers on the airbrush to slow down or speed up the tan mist sprayed. This allows for more control over the tanning process.

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