DHA Solution Guide Buyer's Guide for Tanning Solution

Spray Tanning Solutions basically consist of the same ingredients. What makes the difference in solution are the extra ingredients added by the different production manufactures. Many solutions now days have ingredients added that have no effect on the tan process whatsoever. They are added to the solution only so they are listed in the ingredients to persuade people to buy them. Often times, these extra ingredients can hinder how fa the tan takes effect and the over all color of the spray tan.

There is really no such thing as a completely organic tanning solution. All tanning solutions most have the DHA chemical compound in order to produce a tan. DHA is a compound used in many of our makeup products today. FDA approved for only external uses.

How do I find the right solution for myself?

Most spray tanning solutions have a percentage grade somewhere between 5% to 14%. This is how strong the DHA is in the solution. To find the right solution for yourself, you need to look at how dark your natural skin tone is. The lighter the skin the less percentage you will use. The darker your natural skin tone is you will use a higher percentage. Most often 8% and 10% DHA solutions are used by most individuals.

Not all tanning solution have a percentage. Some solutions come in only one formula and have a natural reaction with your skin to produce a tan. Most of these types of solution can work even better than the percentage ones can.

Do I need different percentages of tanning solutions?

For yourself alone no. But for more than one person, you will want to choose solutions that will work best for each of you or separate bottles of percentage. Many salons have a variety of percentages and special care effects such as anti-aging and extra bronzers.

What is the difference in Clear tan solutions and Bronze tanning solutions?

Both the Clear Solution and Bronze solution have DHA in them. They both produce a tan in the same way and in the same amount of time. Bronze tan solution are the most common and give a instant tan. Clear tanning solutions go on clear and produce a tan gradually over time. Many professionals use the clear solutions for special events like weddings and other formals. This is because there is no bronzer to rub of on clothing, etc. It does take someone who has been tanning for awhile to really be able to use the clear solution and produce an even tan.

What is the difference in the DHA tan solution and the IPF tan solutions?

DHA Tanning solutions are most common and are used more often than the IPF solutions. Where DHA tanning solution produce a tan in 8 to 12 hours, IPF solution produce a tan in as little as 3 to 5 hours. The time always depends on the person skin. IPF tanning solutions also have other benefits. Most are unscented and go on silky smooth. Many solutions leave you sticky and dirty feeling after a tan, but IPF solutions is a more natural feeling formula with no stickiness or smell.

What makes for a good tanning solution?

There are two main ingredients that make for a good tanning solution. Purified water is one because it doesn't have chlorine and other chemicals that can effect the tan. The other is moisturizers. In order to have a good sunless tan you have to keep your skin good and moisturized throughout the whole time you have the tan. Tanning solutions also can have good moisturizers already in them to help in this.

Is tanning solution a sunblock?

Most tanning solutions do not protect against the harmful effects of UV Rays. There are some tan solutions that do have sunscreen in them but they are hard to find. In any case, we feel that solution that do have sunscreen, only provide coverage for the first day of tanning. These solution would be good for people who are sensitive to the sun and most wear sunscreen at all times in the sun. But beware coverage is only for a short time.

Where should I buy a good tanning solution?

The best places to buy tan solution is from companies that have done extensive research on the different formulas and products and from companies that sell a variety of solutions. Another thing to keep in mind in is solutions have a shelf life of only 6 to 8 months if not kept in a cool dark area. You want to find a company that doesn't do over stocking and you are always buying fresh tanning solution products. This is why we ship our solutions straight from the manufactures to your door.

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