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AMP Booster Bronzing DropsAMP Booster Bronzing Drops
Fiji Express Tan Solution by South Seas Skin CareFiji Express Tan Solution by South Seas Skin CareFiji Express Two Hour Tan has 13% DHA and the same fabulous color as our other solutions, but with the convenience of showering in 2-3 hours. Alcohol-free and ideal for all skin types. 98% natural, citrus scent, paraben-free.
Island Glow Body Bronzer By South Seas Skin CareIsland Glow Body Bronzer By South Seas Skin CareIntroduced primarily for the contestants on Dancing With The Stars, this instant quick drying body bronzer provides an exotic, shimmery glow without streaking or rubbing off. Does not contain DHA. Fresh scent, paraben-free. Size: 6.7 oz.
Lavish Tan Booster DHA Dark DropsLavish Tan Booster DHA Dark DropsLavish Tan Dark Drops are an airbrush tanning additive product designed for professional tanning technician use only. This product should only be used on natrually olive and darker skin tones.
Lavish Tan Fragrance DropsLavish Tan Fragrance DropsHate that awful, distinct spray tan smell?  Even though Lavish Tan solution already has a light, pleasant natural aroma, add an extra highlight to your Lavish Tan. A great add on option for your customers! Allows your business to stand out from the competition! 
Lavish Tan Organic Airbrush Self Tanning SprayLavish Tan Organic Airbrush Self Tanning SprayLavish Tan's organic airbrush tanning spray tan solution is now available in a convenient spray can! Lavish Tan's self-tanning micro-mist aerosol spray delivers an ultra fine airbrush mist for easy-to-use, flawless application.
Lavish Tan Paraben-Free Tan ExtenderLavish Tan Paraben-Free Tan ExtenderLavish Tan Extending Moisturizing lotion is free of parabens and harsh chemicals. Enriched with aloe, vitamin E, and CoQ10 with a light vanilla-lavender scent this after care lotion ensures an even fading tan and prolongs the life your Lavish Tan. 
Lavish Tan Sunless Tanning MousseLavish Tan Sunless Tanning MousseLavish Tan has been voted #1 organic airbrush tanning formula in the U.S.A. by Allure Magazine in 2015. Lavish Tan's patented brown-sugar based solution ensures golden brown results every time!
Lavish Tan Tan Line CorrectorLavish Tan Tan Line Corrector
Lavish Tan introduces our new Tan Line Corrector! 
Perfect for fixing swimsuit tan lines, or evening out a tan.
Comes in an easy to use roll-on applicator. 
Leisure Bronzing DropsLeisure Bronzing DropsLeisure Tan Bronzing Drops. Add just a drop or two and get an instant darker tan with your sunless spray tan. Best used with Leisure tan solution but can be used with other DHA tanning solution. Add extra bronzers to your spray tanning solution.
Leisure Tan Airbrush Tanning ExtenderLeisure Tan Airbrush Tanning ExtenderLeisure Tan Extender. Proserve the life of your spray tan with this DHA bronzing tan extender. Tanning extender is full of Mositurizers to help mositure you skin, giving your airbrush tan a longer life.
Peta Jane Tanning MistPeta Jane Tanning MistLIGHTS! CAMERA! ACTION! Peta Jane Perfection Tanning Mist by Peta Murgatroyd (Winner of DWTS Season 22) was created to instantly bronze and glamorize your skin to perfection with ease. Whether going to the beach or ballroom, Peta Jane will give you the most realistic tan leaving an exotic aroma behind. Light Floral scent. Paraben Free. Size: 7 oz.
Sass-ee Glitter Drops Spray TanningSass-ee Glitter Drops Spray TanningMica glitter drops for spray tans are highly concentrated shimmers. These glitter drops do not contain DHA but will provide shimmer to your tan. Easily washes off. These drops can be used with turbine and airbrush tanning equipment and solutions.
Sass-ee Scented Drops Spray TanSass-ee Scented Drops Spray TanThese scented drop are used in all airbrush tanning solutions that are unscented. Spray tanning scented is a great way to personalize your tan with a alluring scent of your choose.
Spray Tanning Barrier Cream 8 ozSpray Tanning Barrier Cream 8 ozThis moisturizing loction helps blend color over rough and dry areas such as your hands, feet, ankles, wrists, knees, and elbows.  Use a more generous application ot completely block absoprtion from the palms of your hands, fingernails, toenails, skin tags, moles, and light colored tattoos.

Apply before a spray tanning application by hand (cannot be sprayed with equipment)

Available in 8 oz, 16 oz, 32 oz, 64 oz, and 128 oz sizes.

Tahitian Tan Extender by South Seas Skin CareTahitian Tan Extender by South Seas Skin CareOur unique formula will extend your tan for two weeks providing deeper, richer color. A touch of DHA allows you to build a natural, exotic glow without streaking or staining. Tropical Mango scent. Paraben-free. Size: 6.7 oz
Tahitian Tanning Mist by South Seas Skin CareTahitian Tanning Mist by South Seas Skin CareCapture the essence of the South Pacific with South Seas Tahitian Tan Mist.  Our lightweight, quick-drying formula has been scientifically developed to give you a gorgeous mahogany glow with ease.  While Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Cranberry Seed Extract retain moisture, Copper and Caffeine combine to firm and tighten your skin revealing a young, healthy, hydrated look. Coconut scent, paraben-free. Size: 7 oz.
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