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About DHA Sunless Spray Tan Solution

With so many Spray tan solutions on the market today, it can be very confusing on which brands to buy for your business.   Because of the popularity of spray tanning, many companies large and small are providing their own brands of DHA tan solutions.  Salon owners spend hours looking at different DHA formulas and still they end up taking a chance with the tanning solutions they purchase.  With no where to look on the internet for reviews of the different types, this makes it even harder for salon owner to find what they are looking for in a great airbrush tan solution.


We can’t say that any solution is better than the next, but we can tell you what to look for in a solution for the best results.  A most have for any good DHA solution is moisturizer.  Make sure your solution has plenty of moisturizers in the DHA and in the tan extenders.  This is one of the main ingredients in producing a healthy spray tan.  Look for solution made with purified water.  Alcohol based preparations will be more suitable for oily-skinned users. Technically, DHA provides some minimal, short-lived protection against UV rays. Alpha hydroxyl acids promote the sloughing off of excess dead skin cells so should improve the evenness of coloration.  These are ingredients to look for in a great solution for you and your business.


DHA solution also comes in Scented and Unscented formulas.  Most scented Solutions have fruity fragrances for tropical fresh smell like grapefruit and coconut scents.  These will not affect the solution and are most often used in Organic solutions. 


Be careful in ordering organic solutions.  These are a very popular item but they also do not last as long and if not mixed properly, will leave a tan streaky and blotchy looking.  Choose more popular organic solutions and consider the different levels more closely with your clients.


Advance IPF Solutions are also a very rare product to find.  These solutions are sold only by a few companies and are more costly.  Some of the benefits of the IPF solutions are that they develop the tan in about 2 hours rather than 4 to 8 hours like other solutions.  IPF tan solutions are also less sticky and go on more smoothly when applying.  With IPF solution you often can charge a little extra in your services.  Spray tan solutions on the IPF are a very natural looking tan and do give some of the best results for your clients.


Solutions come in many different formulas now days.  You can purchase solutions in DHA bronzers 5%, 8%, 10%, 12%, and even 14%.  These different levels are important to your clients based on their own skin types.  Below is a small chart of which DHA solutions can work best for different skin tones.  Most companies now day’s only offer solution in the 8%, 10%, and 12% formulas due to them being most popular.  The 5% and 14% are hard to find and many companies discontinue them use after some time.


  • 5% Spray Tan Solution    This solution is best used with persons who have very light skin.  A great solution for fair and ivory skin tones and with persons who have skin disorders like albino skin.  A perfect solution for red heads and pale blonds.


  • 8% Spray Tan Solution  This solution is also used with very fair and light skin tones.  Good for persons with red hair and or pale blond. Most common and easy to find, this solution will give a natural looking tan for light skin without making them look to dark or fake.  


  • 10% Spray Tan Solution   The most common used DHA solution and the one most preferred by salons and personal uses.  A medium solution that works best with most clients who have medium skin tones.  Good for clients who have natural base tans.    Works well with fair and darker skin also.  A good solution to start with.


  • 12% Spray Tan Solutions  This DHA solution works best with people who already have a rich tan or have darker completions.  Should only be used with darker skin tones or for clients whose skin is mildly resistant to DHA formulas (some client will not tan easily due to a resistance to the DHA solution ingredient).


  • 14% Spray Tan Solution   This solution is more customized for DHA resistive clients and the darkest skin tones.  An intense product and should be used with caution and only by professionals.  Recommended for darker skinned Europeans, and those with Oriental, Hispanic, or African American Heritage.  Also works well with deep base tans or a dark natural skin color.


DHA Spray Tan Solutions also can come in a clear solution.  Clear tanning solutions are used most often by professional who deal with weddings and formal events.  This solution goes on clear and develops like the other solution in about 4 to 8 hours.  The solution is a professional solution and should only be used by people who have experience in applying a clear base evenly.  This formula is also hard to find due to companies discontinue it.  Products like these are discontinued due to not enough sales in that area of products, causing companies to stop investing in the making of them.


Below are lists of solutions you may want to consider.  These solutions have been around for the longest amount of time and are used all over the world today.  Keep in mind that some solutions are priced higher due only to their name on the product.  Because of the name you can be sure of the formula giving good results.  Many solution are made from the same manufactures and so please don’t rule out the less popular brands.  Many of them do give the same results at a lower expense.  Just make sure what ever you purchase it does have some of the ingredients we mentions earlier in this article.


Totally Tan  DHA and IPF Solutions.  They give a natural even tan.

Aviva Labs  DHA and Clear Solutions.  Natural tan results.

Tango Sun  DHA and scented.  Sunkist tan

Oceans  DHA solutions.  Bronzing tans.

Leisure Tan  DHA solution. Bronzer Tanning.

Envy Tan  DHA and scented solutions.   

Capri Sole  DHA solution.  Golden tan

Moon Tan Aurora  Bronzing and clear Solutions.

Scentual Sun  Organic Solution Base.

Sun Mist  DHA Solution and removal.  Bronze tanning.

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