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Discount Kits

Discounts and Specials for all Your Spray Tanning.

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Special Offers on Tanning Solutions Gallon Only!

AYU Sunless Solution ( GALLON ON SALE)AYU Sunless Solution ( GALLON ON SALE)
Celestial Tan Solution Special ( GALLON ON SALE)Celestial Tan Solution Special ( GALLON ON SALE)
Focus Tanning Solution ( GALLON ON SALE)Focus Tanning Solution ( GALLON ON SALE)
Leisure Tan Solution (GALLON ON SALE)Leisure Tan Solution (GALLON ON SALE)
Revive Anti-Aging Tanning Solution (GALLON ON SALE)Revive Anti-Aging Tanning Solution (GALLON ON SALE)
TanEnvy Spray Tan Solution (GALLON ON SALE)TanEnvy Spray Tan Solution (GALLON ON SALE)

Sunless Tanning Supplies

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AYU Body Reveal Exfoliating ScrubAYU Body Reveal Exfoliating Scrub
AYU Body Sugar Exfoliating ScrubAYU Body Sugar Exfoliating Scrub
AYU Daily Moisturizer LotionAYU Daily Moisturizer Lotion
AYU Smooth Glow Tan ExtenderAYU Smooth Glow Tan Extender
Bulk Barrier Cream (gallon)Bulk Barrier Cream (gallon)
Bulk Prep Spray (gallon)Bulk Prep Spray (gallon)
Focus Organic Barrier CreamFocus Organic Barrier Cream
Focus Organic DHA Bronzer Booster DropsFocus Organic DHA Bronzer Booster Drops
Totally Tan Extender & RefresherTotally Tan Extender & Refresher