Maintain Airbrush Equip. How To Maintain Your Airbrush Tanning Equipment

 “How to Set up  & Maintain Spray Tanning Equipment?”

 Setting up your spray tanning equipment correctly is your first step to performing a professional tan.  There are two types of spray tanning equipment, the Airbrush Spray and the hvlp Turbine Spray.  The equipment you ordered will be things like a compressor, regulators, airbrush handheld and spray guns. 


HVLP Turbine Equipment

The hvlp turbine spray tanning equipment is the easiest equipment to set up.  All turbines come only with the spray gun that will perform the tan for you.  This Spray gun is set automatically to the right flow so you don’t have to worry about adjusting it.  All you need to do is hook your hose into the spray gun and the compressor.  Make sure you have a tight seal around the hose to keep you airflow flowing properly from your gun.


Place your solution in the bottle feed and fill it ¾th of the way full.  A little air in the bottle will help keep solution coming out in a smooth pace.  When you are finish performing the tan, pour the remaining solution back into your solution container or another plastic bottle.  Never leave solution in your bottle-feed.  Solution remaining in your equipment can dry and cause clouts inside.  Also if your bottle-feed is metal this can effect the color after solution for extended amounts of time.


To clean your Turbine equipment, you are going to just have to run warm water through you spray gun.  Place a small amount of water in the bottle feed and just spray it out until it sprays clear water.  Then remove the water and dry your equipment around the spraying area and in the bottle.  This will help prevent rusting of your equipment.


Airbrush Equipment

There is more work included with the airbrush equipment than with the turbine but it is still pretty easy to set up.  Airbrush Equipment is the most popular bought spray tanning equipment because it is less expensive and because there are more options in performing a spray tan.  The hand held sprayers are known for giving a more threrow tan in hard to reach places and on the face, hands, and feet.  They also are easier to control for beginners in learning to perform a tan.  The airbrush spray guns can give a faster tan and also perform really good tans.  Most Technician like to have both of these sprayers on hand when giving a spray tans to help them boost performance.


Handheld Units

These units require a little adjusting to them before tanning.  You are going to need a light piece of washable materiel to spray on.  Solutions are cosmetic base so it will wash out.  The first step will be to hook the sprayer up to your compressor.  Make sure you have a tight fit around your connecters.  Place a small amount of solution (3/4) into your spray bottle and screw it onto the gun.  Now at the top there is a little button, this button is what you use to spray with.  At the front of the gun you should see a little needle poking out at you.  This is where the solution will spray from.  On the other end is the value you will use to set the amount of solution that will be coming out in a mist.


Different brands of equipment have the adjuster going in different directions, but most have them set as closed when they are bought.  Take the little knob between your fingers and turn it three times.  It should know be around the correct setting.  You will need to take the white cloth now and spray in a circler pattern.  Adjust the knob to a setting you think would be most comfortable to you.  Do not try using it opened all the way, for this will cause blotching. 


Airbrush Guns

Spray guns are used like the hand held unit to the most part.  You want to have a tight fit with your air hose to the gun and the compressor.  When using the spray gun you might want to see about purchasing a regulator and air tank to help adjust your airflow.  This will help you to spray with a more consistent airflow through your gun since they do use more air.  This is only an option not a requirement.


To adjust your equipment to the right setting you will want to turn it tree times with your finger around.  This knob is at the bottom of the spray gun. Again this equipment turns different ways based on the equipment brand.  Place about ¾ of solution into the bottle and attach it to the gun tightly.  Spray on a light cloth in a circular to oval pattern until you adjust the spray gun to your liking. 


Some guns do have a problem with to much airflow and can cause the solution to bubble up.  If this accuses finish the tan you are doing and then turn your machine off and let it set for a moment before opening it.  Then take it apart to clean it. 



Cleaning For Your Spray Guns

Place the left over solution back into the solutions container or another plastic container.  This will help keep your solution good.  Then spray warm water through your equipment to keep the solution from drying in the inside of it.  After the water sprays clear, take it out and spray air through it to get out any excessive water and dry the outside of the spray gun.


Some companies try to sell you spray gun cleaners but they are not needed.  DHA solutions are cosmetic and water base and so warm water works well in cleaning them.

If you do have a problem with solution drying in your gun then you might want to buy one of these.  You could also mix in acohol   with some water and spray through your gun.  This has known to be able to help.


Sunless Tan Masters hopes the information in this article will help you get started.  All information you need to set up a unit is in here.  Mostly you will be using your on inspects in the setting of your equipment.  Different people like their equipment set at different possession and so keep this in mind when performing a new tan each time.

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