Set-up Spray Tan Area How To set up a Spray Tan Area

How To set up a Spray Tan Area

An area devoted to spray tanning is very important to your salon and or home use.  Any area that will have numerous spray tan sessions on a daily bases needs to have certain supplies, storage, and equipment available and easy to get to.  In this article we will be going over the basic things needed to help your set up and maintain a good working environment for your spray tanning.  A private room or area is very important in maintaining customer privacy and security.  Rooms of ten to fifteen feet in diameter are preferred by most in a professional setting.  Keeping your spray tan room completely supplied with the right items is also important.  You don’t want to have to step out side for anything after you begin a tan.  Always keep the area locked and secure the whole time while you and your client are inside.



In a professional setting a booth is the area in which the spray tan is performed.  Booths are very professional looking and can help the overall appearance of your salon business.  You can purchase a booth inexpensively at a spray tan supplies store.  These booths are specially designed with durable material and some even come with filter systems already in place. There is also the option of making your own booth with certain materials and give it a more personal feel in your salon if you like. 


Setting up a working booth can take some time to make, but it should work just as good as a regular spray tan booth.  You will need to purchase a good amount of vinyl or smooth plastic to begin.  On the wall behind where you will be performing spray tanning, place a large flat board coved with the vinyl material.  Choose a color material instead of white because over time the white will become dingy.   Make sure you secure it to the wall.  You will also want to place padding on the floor with vile also.  This will help keep over spray from your spray guns off of your walls and floors. 



Filters are important mostly when using the bigger spray guns that perform a tan in five minutes or less.  These guns produce a fine mist at a fast airflow in which makes a cloud of mist in the room.  Filters can help reduce this and are important in keeping your other equipment from getting covered.  You can purchase a spray tan filter system that can help clear the room of over spray.  The systems made directly for spray tanning work the best but you can also make your on filter system.


To make up your own filter system, go to your local store a purchase a box fan (flat square fan) and an air conditioner filter.  Secure the filter to the front of the fan and place the fan backward at the side of your spraying area.  Turn the fan on low speed and see how this may work for you.  You can always upgrade later to a professional filter system if you would like to cut out on more over spray.



There are a number of supplies you will need in your spray tan room.  Most of these supplies you already carry in your salon so it wants be too much to see it supplied well.  Some of the things you will be needing are towels, gloves, cleaner, and sanitizers.



Small towels will be needed for you and your customer.  Make sure you have plenty on hand before beginning a spray tan.  Place a small towel on the mate for your customer to stand on.  This helps keep solutions off the souls of the feet and making them look orange looking.  It is also considered safety because you don’t want them to slip on vinyl or plastic when it gets wet from over spray.  Later you will need towels to clean and sanitize the spray area for your next customer.



Make sure you wear latex or non-latex gloves at all sessions.  Tanning Solution can really stain your hand for several days before it wears of and you don’t want your hands looking dirty when dealing with your regular customers.  Make sure you have the right size for each person that will be performing spray tanning.


Cleaners and Sanitizers

Place soapy water into a spray bottle and spray the tan area down after each use.  Then wipe it clean with a towel.  Then take the sanitizer in another spray bottle and spray the area down again, Make sure you wide the areas down until they are dry.  Since you will be cleaning large areas it is best to place your cleaner and sanitizer in spray bottles.  The sanitizer you use for your tanning beds will work just fine for your spray tan area.



The best place to place your equipment and solutions is on a small table close to your spray booth.  Make sure the air hose will be able to reach allot he way across and up the booth.  Make sure you have plenty of room for your equipment and for you to work with it at this station.  You can also keep solution, gloves, cleaner, and towels in or around this same area for a more professional overall performance and appearance.


Advertising Products

Promote your products like lotions and tan extender on a shelf in your spray tan room.  Customers will ask you about these products and will want to know how they can help them.  You can also keep these products in the front of your store for other customers to ask about them also.   Make sure place the products in easy view of your customer.


Mobile Units

A mobile unit is just what it says, mobile.  Even though your spray tanning equipment is on the go you still need to carry the same supplies as in a stationed unit.  An easy way to do this is to carry a large handbag for all your towels, cleaners, lotions, gloves, and even solutions.  To carry your equipment with you, some people place their equipment in a suitcase on wheels.  The suitcase allows room for the compressor, case with your spray guns and even more room for solutions and other items you may need.  Also the pop up spray tents is available to purchase to protect your client’s homes and give you an overall more professional appearance. N


Sunless Tan Masters hopes the information in this article will help you get started.  All information you need to set up a spray tan area is in here for you.  Mostly you will be using your on inspects in the setting of your equipment.  Add special little items and things to your room that adds to the rest of your salon business.  Make it your on and just have fun with it.

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