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Mobile Tan Service Career will Cost:

Airbrush Spray Tanning is the newest trend in the tanning industry. All around the world, people are starting to see the benefits of the spray tan and are flocking to salons that offer these services. Customers are becoming more concern about the harmful side effects of tanning with the sun, and in tanning beds. Some of these concerns are for their health and safety, when it comes to forms of cancers and skin damage. Other customers like this form of tanning for the instant results they get for special occasions like holidays, weddings, events, and trips and vacations. Spray tanning is not only a trend but is also considered to be the safest way to tan. Dermatologist even advice their patients to use this form of tanning.

Offering mobile tanning services can be a good career in starting your own business. This type of services lets you work the days and hours that you want to work. Keep in mind that this will be your business and you must invest some time and resources into your mobile tan business. Clients must be able to find you and you must be able to locate them in order to be successful. Sunless Tan Masters will give you great ideas that we use to locate business and business opportunities. Below is some information on how much tanning equipment and sunless tan products cost and the potential of profits you can make with Airbrush tanning with a mobile tanning unit. 

1. Equipment= Equipment is inexpensive to purchase and to maintain. A airbrush tanning system is going to cost you from anywhere between $200.00 to $800.00 dollars. Maintenance to airbrush equipment is only the cleaning of it after each use. This is only running warm water through the airbrush gun. If you ever did need to buy any new piece or part, you will be looking to spend no more than a hundred dollars (most parts are below fifty dollars). There are no parts that need to be changed each month to keep up with its performance. No special cleaning supplies you need to purchase. If we are not able to show you how to use the equipment there is training video's available.

2. Solutions= Tanning Solution is the only thing that you will need to buy on a regular basis. You will be able to buy as little or as much as you need with bottles ranging from 32oz to 128oz. A bottle of 128oz will cost you between $120.00 to $170.00. You might be thinking that this is to much of an expense, but you will only be using on average of 3oz per tan. Out of one bottle of 128oz you can do up to 42 tans. That's 42 customers getting a tan at $40.00 to $50.00, making you a profit between $1,680.00 to $2,100.00 out of just one bottle.

Solutions are also FDA approved. This form of tanning is also recommended by dermatologist for people with skincare issues and for people who have forms of cancer or who may be at high risk. Tanning solutions have DHA in them. This is a bronzing ingredient that gives the tan on the skin. DHA is found in most cosmetics and tanning solutions are considered a cosmetic base product.

3. Mobile Tanning Service= Performing in home services for your clients can be a real pleasure. Think for a moment of going to a hair salon. You are sitting in the stylist chair and telling them how you want your hair cut. They listen and then start cutting. You and your stylist are talking about things like your kids and families, vacations coming up, the special event that coming up and the dress you will be wearing. Before you know it you hair is finished and it looks great. You thank your stylist for her work and promise to see her again soon enough. When you walk out of the salon you are filling excited about your new style and can't wait to show it off to your friends and family. This is what it is like performing an airbrush spray tan for a customer. You come into their home and start setting up your area. You and your client will start talking about their tan and what problem areas they fill needs more attention. They might have a few questions for you to answer and it will be your job to put them at ease. As your doing their tan other topics come up like family and vacations and a number of other things. Before you both know it their tan is complete and it looks great. You start packing up and they thank you for your services and might even go ahead and ask you to come back again next week. You walk out and you fill good about the services you just performed for your client and look forward to seeing her again. You also walk out with a $40.00 to $55.00 profit in your pocket for work that only took you thirty minutes to perform.

4. Training= When you purchase your equipment from Sunless Tan Masters, we will make all attempts to train you on how to give a beautiful tan to your customers. With over two years of experience in doing airbrush tanning we have found that their are basic principles that must be followed in giving a beautiful tan that you can not find on some video. Although airbrush tanning is fairly easy to do, it takes a little practice, but I can have you on your way faster, helping you, one on one. Simple steps for you to follow and you will be a professional airbrush tanner in no time.

Sunless Tan Masters will also show you on how to market your new services to your local area and how to offer your services to salons also. Sunless Tan Masters is also putting together a marketing plan for Alabama and your local area in a wide range of educational marketing for the airbrush spray tan industry, to show our tanning customers the benefits of the spray tan. This will be coming soon and you may be interested in being apart of this to help boost awareness, that their is a safer way to tan. If you would like to learn more or if you are interested in joining with this type of marketing, please ask.

Above is a list of the profit and benefits Airbrush Tanning can offer you for your own personal business. You can also see the benefits that this service can offer your customers and the reasons why they want to have these services offered to them. Sunless Tan Masters wants to help you build your business to make it the best it can be. We want to help show you the way to making a profit in the tanning industry. With over two years of experience in working at salons and being a in--home service provider, we know what your customers want and what you go through as a woman and as a business owner.


The Cost of Equipment. $200 to $800

The price of equipment ranges from what types of services you want to offer in the spray tan. The type of equipment you choose to use will also be a factor in how much you will spend on an Airbrush Tan System.

The Cost of Tan Solutions. $120 to $170

There are many different kinds of solution for you to choose from. The average price of 128oz of solution is around $140.00. One bottle of 128oz of solution can tan up to 42 people.

The Cost of Electrical Services. estimated per visit $0.00

With Airbrush Tanning Services you will not have to worry about a huge power bill. Your equipment will run in a regular wall plug and burn no more power than a regular light bulb.

The Cost of a Space. $0.00

You are performing service in your customers home giving you no expense for office space. You can also offer services to salons but you will be looking at a lower profit than in home services.

As you can see from above that your equipment is the most expense you have in the in-home tanning service to buy. But you can also see that this is a one time investment. The tanning solutions are the only thing that will be a recurring fee and if you consider buying one bottle at $140.00 and have the opportunity to make anywhere between $1600.00 to $2100.00, the that is an investment worth having.

Offering the Airbrush Spray Tan to your customers will be giving you almost a per profit with almost no experience. You will be seeing a profit anywhere between $40.00 to $65.00 per customer, for just one in home visit. Now that is good business for you and good service for your customers.

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