Start a Mobile Tan Business How to Start a Mobile Tan Business

How to Start a Mobile Spray Tan Business

For the past five years the mobile spray tanning business has really taken off. With Home airbrush tanning systems becoming more reasonably priced and with the growing demand for spray tans, the consumers are deciding to take new steps in this area. What people must be aware of is that your success in the tanning industry will depend on you and your hard work. Your new mobile tanning business will not hit success without your outreach to your clients.
The first step is to be prepared with the right tools you will need. Below is a list of things you need to consider for your tanning business.

1. Make sure you have business cards, to hand out to clients. Business cards can do several things besides just list your business information. You can offer special discount for new clients, a referrals program to bring in new clients from assisting customers, a free tan for every ten tan services (you can mark cards or use a hole puncher to mark services rendered to clients). Use you imagination to come up with new ideas. A great idea is to have several different business cards that all offer a special promotion of some kind.

2. You need a phone line that you can be reached at at all times of the day. If this is not possible, make sure you have a voice message service that states your business and your name. Make the out going message professional and make sure it pertains to your business.

3. The hours of the day you intend to work. Since you will be working on other people time, you must consider this an important issue. Your clients will want services in the morning, noon, and evening times. This can be hard if you have children or work another job. You will need to set the hours and days you intend to work but it is also important to be flexible to bring in new clients. Make sure you leave enough time between tans to get to other clients homes.

4. You need an advertising budget. No matter how small or large your budget may be you must advertise as much as possible. Local newspapers and bulletins are a cost effect way to bring in new business but you will need to do this every week. Ask local business owners if you can post a flier in there window or leave business cards at receptionist desk or in waiting room areas. One of the most efficient ways to bring in business is by the radio. All walks of people in your area listen to the radio and you can hit a wide market area. This type of advertising can be expensive so make sure you are prepared in all areas before doing this.

5. Besides offering spray tanning it is also good to sell other types of products. Tan extenders is a great way to earn extra cash and it pertains to the tanning industry. You might also like to include skincare, or learn other techniques such as body wraps, massage, and even aromatherapy while you tan. Before adding additional services do your research and be prepared in those areas also.

6. A list of supplies you will need to keep stock. Spray tanning solutions will be the biggest area to keep stocked but it is also important not to overstock. Tanning solutions are only good for the first year. They can keep longer if they are refrigerated. Other things to keep on hand are gloves for performing spray tans, dark towels to use for cleaning purposes. Towels are also used for clients to stand on while tanning. This helps keep the bottom of their feet's from getting solution on them from the over spray.

7. Gas and car expenses you also need to be considered. Keep track of mileage and your insurance to file on your taxes at the end of the year. These expenses are important also in the pricing of your services.

8. Know what others are charging in your area for spray tanning services. Salons in your area have a price set that may be on the cheap side but it is still important not to get to much higher than them. Keep in mind that you have no stationary cost like lights and rent to consider. Even though gas is a concern with business growing you will soon reach the point of a nice profit.

The most important step in working a mobile tanning business is to get up a clientele. This is your main goal in the beginning and you need to consider all options at your disposal. Start with friends and family, also use collages in your work force. Friends and family are a great way to get the word out about a new spray tan service in your area. At school functions you could mention to teachers and parents about the new business you are starting.
A good clientele will take you at least a year to build. That first year will be your hardest and you will see little return for you time and money but don't give up to soon. As time goes by you will see the start of your success grow. Most mobile business do not see a great profit margin until their second year in business. Keep records from month to month on you business. Things you need to keep record of are as listed.

1. Your income profit
2. Your product expense
3. Your marketing expense
4. Your car expense

As time goes by you should see your profits grow and your deficits decrease.

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