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South Seas Skin Care Tan Solution

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South Seas Skin Care Tanning Solution Variety PackSouth Seas Skin Care Tanning Solution Variety PackThis EXCLUSIVE variety pack includes 1 liter bottles of Tahitian Tan, Lava Tan, and Fiji Express -- 3 of the best selling tanning solutions from South Seas Skin Care.  
Tahitian Tan Solution by South Seas Skin CareTahitian Tan Solution by South Seas Skin CareTahitian Tan is the most sought after spray tanning solution in the world. Contains 9% DHA and provides an ideal tan for all skin types. The mahogany color guide offers immediate, beach-beautiful color! Fast drying, non-sticky, cucumber-melon scent, paraben-free.
All Natural Solution by South Seas Skin CareAll Natural Solution by South Seas Skin CareFormulated for the discerning client, our premium All Natural Solution does not contain alcohol and is best for those with dry skin. With 9% Organic DHA, this solution is compatible with all skin types & produces the same flawless results as our Tahitian Tan Solution. 98% natural, unscented, paraben-free.
Lava Tan Solution by South Seas Skin CareLava Tan Solution by South Seas Skin CareTurn up the heat with South Seas Lava Tanning Solution.  Inspired by the volcanic originations of French Polynesia, Lava erupts with slightly red undertones emanating a dark, rich and radiant glow. Chambering the islands’ finest ingredients including Monoi de Tahiti, coconut oil and organic sugar cane, the color immediately pulls your hottest skin to the surface. Fast drying, non-sticky, cucumber-melon scent, paraben-free. 
Fiji Express Tan Solution by South Seas Skin CareFiji Express Tan Solution by South Seas Skin CareFiji Express Two Hour Tan has 13% DHA and the same fabulous color as our other solutions, but with the convenience of showering in 2-3 hours. Alcohol-free and ideal for all skin types. 98% natural, citrus scent, paraben-free.

Lavish Tan - Organic Airbrush Tan Solution

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Lavish Tan Organic Airbrush Tanning SolutionLavish Tan Organic Airbrush Tanning SolutionFinally, one solution for all skin tones! Our signature solution was specially created to save business owners time and money! Lavish Tan solution works different than others on the market.  The % of DHA works for ALL SKIN TONES 

Totally Tan Advanced Tan Solution

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Tampa Bay Tan

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Rapid Tan SolutionRapid Tan SolutionIf you only want one solution to meet a variety of needs, Rapid Tan by Tampa Bay Tan will provide you a great choice.  Allow clients to vary their tan by how long they leave the solution on the skin.  Also works great for clients who want a beautiful bronze tan without the long wait.  Shower in as little as 2 hours for a light tan or leave on for 6 hours for a deeper, bronze glow.   Continues to darken 12-24 hours after application and warm water rinse.
Revive Anti-Aging Tanning SolutionRevive Anti-Aging Tanning SolutionBronze Solution: Revive from Tampa Bay Tan is our new fresh scented Anti-Aging formula which was developed to give you a flawless even fading Sunless Spray Tan with benefits yet to be realized in a Sunless Tanning product. Revive is enriched with Vitamin E, Vitamin A, and Vitamin C Liposomes that condition, and assist in minimizing skin aging free radicals.
Tan ExtraOrdinaire Tanning SolutionTan ExtraOrdinaire Tanning SolutionBronze Solution: This is a concentrated formula, making it ideal for clients who have difficulty getting deep color with other products. Because of the color intensity, we strongly recommend you don't over apply. Most clients get superior color and fading with only a single application of one to two ounces of product. It provides smooth, even, and deep dermal penetration, for slow and steady fading. Bursting with skin nurturing anti-oxidants and a rich botanical foundation to maintain and enhance optimal skin health.
TanEnvy Spray Tan SolutionTanEnvy Spray Tan SolutionTanEnvy is a dual color product. Integrating dark level instant color bronzers that add an extra brown “oomph” effect, and DHA for the long wearing active skin colorant. This combo creates a color often associated with the Caribbean Isles, where the long days of intense sunlight create a dramatic mocha brown tone.
TanFastic Tanning Solution TanFastic Tanning Solution Bronze Solution: Tanfastic Tinted DHA Solution is a superior tanning product developed using the latest technology designed to promote an initial color and a subsequent highly natural looking sunless tan.

JMT Sunless Tan Solution

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JMT Sunless Dark Tan Solution 12%JMT Sunless Dark Tan Solution 12%With 12% DHA JMT Dark Solution 12 is a long-time favorite because of its results – an extra rich, deep, dark, bronze sunless tan. Formerly called Montego Bay, this solution is perfect for those who have a solid base tan. It is also a great choice for anyone with a medium to dark skin tone.  
JMT Sunless Light Tan Solution 8%JMT Sunless Light Tan Solution 8%
With 8% DHA JMT Light Solution 8 is the lightest shade. Formerly called Treasure Bay, this solution is perfect for those who may want a light, natural-looking sunless tan. It is also a great choice for first time sunless tanners or those with very fair skin.
JMT Sunless Triple Action Bronzer
8% Eco Certified DHA
Gluten Free
100% satisfaction guaranteed
JMT Sunless Medium Tan Solution 10%JMT Sunless Medium Tan Solution 10%With 10% DHA JMT Medium Solution 10 is the most popular choice. Solution 10 provides just the right amount of bronzers for a beautiful, not-too-dark, not-too-light sunless tan. Formerly called Ocho Rios, this solution is perfect for those who want a natural-looking spray tan. It is also a great choice for anyone who may already have some base tan or those who have a fair to medium skin tone.  
JMT Sunless Quick Dry Tan SolutionJMT Sunless Quick Dry Tan SolutionYou want quick.....with no stick? We have it! JMT Sunless Quick Dry is the perfect solution for all of those customers who don't like that sticky-tacky feeling after a spray tan. This fragrance free solution is perfect for customers who are sensitive to odors. For a quick odor-free tan without the stick, try JMT Quick Dry solution. 
JMT Sunless Rapid Tan SolutionJMT Sunless Rapid Tan Solution
Need a sunless solution that doesn’t require a long wait time to shower? Rapid Tan is it! Rapid Tan is specially formulated with fast acting Eco Certified DHA to help achieve a beautiful sunless tan while shortening the wait time to shower. 
JMT Sunless Ultra Dark Tan Solution 16%JMT Sunless Ultra Dark Tan Solution 16%
With 16% DHA JMT Ultra Dark Solution 16, formerly called Competition Tanning, is generally used for clients who are looking for the deepest darkest color tan. This extra deep bronze shade is perfectly blended for those looking for the ultimate deep tan. 
This solution is perfect for stage events such as cheer squads or body fitness competitions.