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MaxiMist Evolution TNT Spray Tanning Business Kit

MaxiMist Evolution TNT Spray Tanning Business Kit
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MaxiMist™ Evolution TNT Base with three TNT Sprayers, Complete System


(110V-A plug, or 230V-C plug)

20-25 applications a day, 5-6 days a week




If you’re looking for a Professional Spray Tanning System, look no further.

The  MaxiMist™ Evolution TNT is designed for one purpose, providing an absolute perfect full body Spray Tan every time, in under 3 minutes, using the least amount of product. (normally 2oz or less)

Simple operation, easy to maintain, and beginner friendly, allowing mastery in only a few practice sessions.

A great Professional Package for the busy technician, in a lightweight mobile design

The Turbine (Motor) Powerhouse

The MaxiMist™ Evolution TNT is the perfect unit for the mobile tech or salon that demands performance and unsurpassed dependability.
The Evolution TNT base features a powerful 570 watt 2 Stage Turbine motor, paired with our TNT Series Spray Gun Package.
TheMaxiMist™ Evolution also features a variable speed control that allows you to dial in the exact air flow you need to apply any tanning solution flawlessly.


Set at its lowest setting the unit will spray 99% of all tanning solutions with flawless precision while running quieter and cooler than any other unit on the market in its class!


This motor runs cooler than any other turbine motor we have ever tested in its class.

Volume Level

At its low setting this unit runs at approximately  53 DB (similar in level to an upright indoor refrigerator), and approximately 62 DB at High (Restaurant noise level).


One important element of a turbine system, is the filter. This helps prevent solution and debris from entering the motor compartment through the air intake.
The MaxiMist™ reusable filter is located conveniently, for easy visual checking and user removal and cleaning. It’s easy to get to, and clean. And we include a second spare replacement filter with your order.

The Turbine powerhouse weights in at less than 8 lbs.


Easy Client Blow Dry detachable handle

Another unique benefit with our new Twist N Tan Spray Gun is the “Blow Dry” feature. Once your spray session is completed, simply remove the spray head and blow dry your client.
Now that’s innovation!

tnt blowdry

On Board Gun Storage:

The base comes with equipped with on board gun storage well .


The TNT Gun:

The MaxiMist™ Evolution TNT “Twist N Tan” Spray Gun is super simple to use, extremely lightweight and incorporates a Teflon®
needle to virtually eliminate tanning solution buildup and corrosion, which are the leading reasons for most gun clogs.
With an improved ergonomic handle with comfort – grip and a unique patented split gun system, “Twist N Tan” enables fast solution changes for the busy tanner, no fussing with extra cups and lids.

TNT twist off_white

The MaxiMist™ Evolution TNT includes 3 Spray heads !

TNT spray-heads

Easy To Use Adjustments:

Simple adjustments for both spray pattern width as well as vertical and horizontal techniques and air flow allow you to precisely control the spray pattern to fit your method and will apply any tanning solution with flawless precision.

Horizontal Technique (Spraying Left to Right)             Vertical Technique (Spraying Up & Down)


The MaxiMist™ Evolution TNT system is packaged with a unique “Conical” bottom tapered cup. This design enhancement eliminates the flat bottom “solution pool dead zone” found in other cup designs.
The specialized Conical bottom forces all solution in the cup towards the center where the pickup tube is located; this allows a more flexible range of movement while spraying, as well as optimum tanning solution pickup.
cupfeatures no logo crop

Simply put, if you’re looking for high performance and value, The MaxiMist™ Evolution TNT delivers without compromise

Spare Parts Kit Included:

  • 1 x spare turbine filter
  • 1 x spare pick-up tube
  • extra cup lid gasket
  • small nozzle gasket


We finish off this great package with a free generous sampling of our Unique Airbrush Tanning Solution Blends, in the most popular medium depths.

We include 8oz each of our:

  • Tan ExtraordinAire 8%
  • Tanfastic 8.5%
  • Revive 9%
  • TanEnvy 9.5%
  • Aussie Bronze 10%
  • Natural Tan 10%
  • Rapid Tan (shower off to regulate color depth)
  • CYA Skin Prep spray
  • MaxiClean Spray Gun Cleaner
  • Barrier cream
  • vegan, not animal tested
  • paraben and gluten free solutions
  • natural organic ingredients in every bottle
  • manufactured and formulated by Tampa Bay Tan


For best freshness and stability, product refrigeration is recommended

Product substitutions option is not available

This way YOU can try all blends and see which one will be your favorite Tampa Bay Tan Airbrush Spray Tanning solution.


Package includes:

  • Rated for 25+ applications a day
  • On Board Spray Gun Storage well
  • Spare parts kit
  • CE, EU, ECAL Certifications
  • Powerful 570 Watt Variable Speed 2 Stage Turbine (Turbine sound, gun attached: Low approximately 53 DB low, equivalence to an indoor refrigerator, 62 DB high, equivalent to restaurant conversation/noise)
  • 11.5 ft Easy Flex High Temp Low Memory Coil Reinforced Hose with quick connection
  • TNT “Twist N Tan” Spray Gun with 3 extra applicators with 6.75  oz Solution Cups
  • Teflon low clog Needle
  • Complete Product use Guide
  • 2 Year Warranty on Turbine motor
  • Spray System Not Made In China
  • Solution Sample Package in medium

Also included: 
  • Disposable Bundle
    • 25 Black Bras
    • 25 Clean Sticky Feet
    • 100 Black G-String Panties
    • 100 Hair Nets
    • Pop Up Tent


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