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Paasche Regulator and Moisture Trap

Paasche Regulator and Moisture Trap
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R-75 Regulator and Moisture Trap. The Paasche R-75 can regulate pressures from 0-100 PSI. The included moisture trap delivers clean dry air for problem free airbrushing. Control pressures from 0-100 PSI. Includes Moisture filter. Has standard 1/4" NPT fittings.

Airbrush Regulators are an important tool to any high volume uses with your airbrush tanning equipment.

A regulator can be useful for other airbrushing options such as airbrush makeup, nails, tattoo, and much more.

For best overall performance a regulator will help control the air flow from your compressor to the airbrush. This allows for even better control over your patters and detail works.

Regulators also have a built in moisture trap.  This allows for moisture in the air to flow through the compressor without going into our hoses or airbrush.  You get clean perfect air.
Best Used with:
Regulator & Moisture Trap for D500, D200, DA300 & DA400 compressors.


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