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Rapid Tan Solution

Rapid Tan Solution
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Rapid Tan Spray Tanning Solution is a high-speed, fast acting blend.  Use this once product to individualize all your clients' tanning experience.  Adjust the depth of the tan from session to session without having to worry about changing solution to an "untested" brand on your client.  Leave it on longer for a darker tan.  In a hurry and just want a lighter tan, shower after 2 hours and enjoy a nice color in a fraction of the time.  

Also a great solution for clients who do not like to wait the normal 8-12 hours after applying spray tan to shower.  Develops beautiful bronze colors in 2-4 hours with faster DHA penetration.  Color fades evenly over time and continues to look good for several days.  Not recommended to leave on for more than 6 hours.  Will continue to darken for 12-24 hours after rinse with warm water.

Great all in one solution to simplify your tanning business.


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