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Iwata Ninja Airbrush Makeup Set

Iwata Ninja Airbrush Makeup Set
CR AirbrushBR AirbrushHP-B AirbrushHP-C Airbrush
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Cloaked in black… and so small it’s nearly invisible, this Ninja-like compressor is the perfect choice for portable air for airbrush makeup and also great for airbrush nails.

Compact in size, the Ninja Jet includes a built-in airbrush holder and a carrying handle that’s ready to go anywhere. The low-maintenance oil-less piston motor and adjustable pressure regulator deliver reliable performance. A metal cover provides protection. Comes complete with an air hose.

Start off airbrush makeup with the industry leader in airbrusing with Iwata, the best known airbrush on the market. Design your own airbrush makeup system with any 4 of the airbrushes offered with this system. Depending on your lever of performance, we have the less expensive for home airbrush makeup, or the high performance airbrush makeup airbrushes for professional salons and makeup artist.
The Revolution BR and or the CR airbrush out performs all others in their price range.  Both airbrushes has great features and the only real difference between the two is the size of the gravity feed cup. They features are: an internal mix airbrush; ergonomic handle design; fine detail to 1-1/2” spray pattern; larger nozzle and needle combination (0.5-mm) that makes for easier spraying of thicker or heavier paints; redesigned trigger mechanism and larger needle-chucking nut for easy assembly; and replaceable internal Teflon™ needle packing for use with solvent-based paints.  A gravity-feed airbrush designed for quick changes of custom mixed colors. Versatile for moderate detail to background spraying

The High Perofrmance HP-B and the HP-C airbrush are more for professional makeup artist who handle high volume works. Known as the professional workhorse, nothing will beat these airbrushes in perfoming maxium coverage of airbrush makeup cosmetics. They two are very similar except for the size of the gravity feed cup. Their Features include: dual-purpose, cutaway ands pre-set handle for easy clean up and precise control of paint flow; Teflon™ needle packing for automotive or other solvent-based paints; larger threads on the nozzle that offer a more secure fit and better centering of the nozzle; redesigned tapered gravity-feed cups that ensure easy clean up and more efficient paint flow; and a single-piece auxiliary lever/needle-chucking guide that provides easy assembly.

This set includes:
1- Small Ninja Compressor
1- Airbrush of your choice
1- Hose

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