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MaxiMister Helia Spray Gun Only

MaxiMister Helia Spray Gun Only
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The Earlex Helia Series Gun with Quick Connection attachment for Maximist XL, Pro and Gemstone Systems only (hose not included)
(this will not work with your compressor system, color viewed on your monitor may not correctly reflect true product color)

Want a second Maximist Helia 2.0 Series Spray Gun for use with your older MaxiMist or Gemstone System?

Helia 2.0 Gun Only with Stay Tight Quick Connections



EZ Dial – Flow toggle

The MaxiMist Helia 2.0 features the exclusive ‘EZ dial’. A simple, thumb-adjusted wheel easily toggles flow settings from 1 to 8.
This feature provides perfect “on the fly” control, to quickly adjust fluid flow to suit the viscosity of the tanning solution you are using.

Just a few clicks while you are spraying. Once it’s set, forget it!


EZ Connect – No blow outs

Our ‘EZ connect’ feature is exclusive to the MaxiMist Helia2.0
We guarantee your hose will never blow out the back of your spray gun with our exclusive ‘EZ connect’ feature.
Once you attach the MaxiMist Helia 2.0 to our ‘EZ Flex’ Zero Memory, Air Supply Hose with Quick Connects, it’s not going anywhere.
Eliminate those embarrassing moments in front of your clients.

Go ahead and swing it around the room, your gun isn’t coming off!


EZ Flip – Pattern Selection

The Helia 2.0 , adapts to the way you want to spray with a simple flip of a switch. Flip the switch “up” for a Horizontal spray, flip “down” for a Vertical.
No more Air Cap confusion or double-checking to confirm correct settings.
There is even an ‘air brush’ mode. Switch to the circle setting for a detailed spray pattern, great for accurate contouring and bikini lines
Easy Flip changes even mid spray session! No solution drips on finger tips.


EZ Flow – Flexible pick-up tube

The only spray tanning gun available with a flexible latex free pick up tube which helps to maintain continuity during spraying.
When the gun is tilted the weighted tube bends to ensure the end stays immersed in fluid avoiding spluttering and inconsistent results
EZ spray for smooth performance

Our Tip & Needle setup

No other system in this class has the atomization properties of this setup. A 0.6 mm tip and needle sizing for efficient solution utilization with a soft 1.6 psi spray tip pressure. The ideal finish level for complete whole body spraying for face, body, hands and feet. With this gun, you will not need a separate face and body gun. Our EXCLUSIVE setup provides the greatest atomization and the softest spray of any system currently on the market ………period.
The spray gun continually provides constant out going air flow during the entire solution application, facilitating the skin drying process as you spray. When the spray gun trigger is completely released, the unit blows a continuous air flow only, for a soft “blow dry” feature. Or if you prefer, simply detach the gun from the air hose. Now you are equipped with a concentrated high speed air current for fast drying.

Package Includes:

  • Helia Series 2.0 Quick Connection Spraygun for Maximist XL, Pro or Gemstone Turbines
  • Spare parts kit
  • Hose is NOT included

(This is the Gun only, no turbine included. You will need a turbine, with a quick connect hose to use this gun. Will only work with Earlex Maximist XL, Pro, Gemstone turbine models. Will not work with compressors, Spraymates, Ultras or Apollos.)


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