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Nail-Art Paint Rack with Nail Paint

Nail-Art Paint Rack with Nail Paint
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This Airbrush Nail Paint Rack can hold almost 400 hundred different nail paints and supplies. A beautiful display of colors allowing you clients to pick from your vast color chooses. This set is perfect for beginning your nail salon business or new services. Also a great option for salons to nail salons to stock up on most used and popular colors along with a new display for a change in appearance.

Comes with a total of
5- 1oz each of all 51 airbrush nail paint,
10- 1oz each of most popular colors like; red,icy blue, Black Onyx, Sky blue, and Periwinkle, varnish, and pearle-scent.
15- 1oz of the cloud white,
24- 4oz airbrush cleaners, base coat, and top coat.

Set may vary some in color and supplies as manufacture upgrade products from time to time. Most often the list above is provided with only slight changes made.

No Picture of Rack available. The picture provided is so you can see all airbrush nail paint colors provided with this kit.


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