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Totally Tan IPF Advanced Tan Solution

Totally Tan IPF Advanced Tan Solution
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During the summer months, Totally Tan requires the solution to be sent 1-day shipping to preserve the DHA in the heat.  Due to this requirement, a higher shipping cost is required for any Totally Tan Product ordered.  Please select the Totally Tan shipping option when purchasing.  If not selected, the additional amount will be charged before shipping.  The standard shipping rates will return in the fall.

Totally Tan IPF Advanced formula tanning solution

Badger Air-Brush Co. introduces its newest tanning solution, Totally Tan IPF. Totally Tan’s improved-performance formula fully develops in two to four hours, so there is no more waiting eight to 12 hours to develop a rich, tropical tan. The advanced technology in Totally Tan IPF protects the DHA molecules for more stability, allowing the tanning solution to begin activating within two hours. Totally Tan IPF produces a richer, deeper color with a lesstacky feeling following application. Totally Tan IPF solution contains panthanol vitamin B5 for unsurpassed moisturizing effects, and it is listed as fragrance free. The solution is available in several assorted sizes.

Totally Tan is a water base tanning solution.  It has a limited amount of ingredients within the tan solution to help bring out the best spray tan.  Like other companies that add so many skin treating ingredients which can inhibit the dha in the solution from taking effect, Totally tan keeps it as simple as possible. There is no smell what so ever because they do not try to over do there tanning solutions with unnessasary ingredients.

Give your clients a gorgeous Caribbean Tan style, the healthy way, with Totally Tan.

Totally Tan develops quickly and lasts on the skin for 7 -10 days.
Produces a spray on tan within 2 to 4 hours.
The odourless (IPF) formula assures you nothing is added to the solution to mask unhealthy additives.
Minimal residue on clothing or sheets.
Not sticky, fast drying, non-drying to the skin.
1.5 to 2 ounces provides full body coverage (to the average person).
Exfoliating is acceptable and lotions can be used after Totally Tan.
The Dark Tanning Solution is easy to see on the skin while airbrushing.
Provides the client with instant tanning gratification.

16 oz, 32 oz, 64 oz, 128 oz sizes available


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