Return Policy

Shipping Charge

We asked that you contact us before shipping equipment back. The first shipping charge that was charged at the time of order will not apply with our refund policy.  Your order will be refunded minus the first shipping charge.  We do this because shipping charges do not always pay for the cost of shipping orders. Returns cost on shipping is also not credited to the client.

Equipment And Kits

Sunless Tan Master does accept returns on equipment only within the first thirty days of purchase.  This is only for equipment and or complete kits that were purchased. Equipment most be return in brand boxes and be in top condition to insure resell.  All equipment is inspected upon returned to insure quality of equipment.  If equipment has been used and not cleaned or damaged in any way, Sunless Tan Masters has the right to give full, partial, or no credit. If equipment is not accepted, then it will be returned to the purchaser with statement on why equipment was non-refundable.  To insure this does not happen, we ask that you follow these guidelines before returning.

1) Please contact us to confirm the return.  2) Write a brief description on why you are returning the equipment.  3) Make sure all equipment is properly cleaned and dry.  4) Place equipment in the correct container they were delivered in. 5) Ship equipment to Sunless Tan Masters 2593 Mayo Road, Altoona, AL 35952

When equipment is received it is inspected immediately to refund you as soon as possible.  Refunds can take up to fourteen days to process.

Spray Tan Solutions and Products

Sunless Tan Masters will accept tan solutions and products only if they are not opened and are returned within first thirty days of purchase.  Tan Solutions have a shelf life of only six to eight months.  If solution has been opened or tampered with in any way, refunds will not be granted.

Pop Up Tents & Booths

Pop-ups can be broken when not used or folded properly. We will not refund tents that have been bent or broken by improper handling. Folding the tent is incredibly simple but please do not purchase the tent before viewing the video.  Please do not attempt to fold the tent before viewing the folding video. Video's can be found at this link

The tents are top quality but some may have minor scuff marks on the yellow piping from when the tents are folded in the factory or rubbing that may have occurred during shipping. This occurs because the rods are highly pressurized against the fabric. To most, this is not a concern or even noticed should be understood.

Tattoo, Nail, & Makeup Equipment

Same rules apply with these systems also. All equipment must be in top quality.  Paints and stencils can not be opened or used. 

Sunless Tan Masters works hard to bring you top of the line equipment so you don't have to return them.  We strive to please all of our clients and to meet all their needs. 

For equipment returned we do offer them at discount prices.  They can be found on our discount kits page only.  These sets are new but have been opened by other clients.  All the sets have been inspected for quality.  Please keep in mind that if purchase of a discount system, their is no return.  All sales are final.  If there is a problem with the equipment, we do honor the warranty and can have it fixed.  If the manufactures says that equipment is not up to standards, then replacements can take effect.  This is covered in all warranties.

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