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Airbrush Spray Tanning is the newest trend in the tanning industry. All around the world, people are starting to see the benefits of the spray tan and are flocking to salons that offer these services. Customers are becoming more concern about the harmful side effects of tanning with the sun, and in tanning beds. Some of these concerns are for their health and safety, when it comes to forms of cancers and skin damage. Other customers like this form of tanning for the instant results they get for special occasions like holidays, weddings, events, and trips and vacations. Spray tanning is not only a trend but is also considered to be the safest way to tan. Dermatologist even advice their patients to use this form of tanning.

Offering Spray Tanning can give you a huge profit over your other forms of tanning services. There are several reason why spray tanning gives you a better profit and helps benefit your salon.

1. Equipment= Equipment is inexpensive to purchase and to maintain. A airbrush tanning system is going to cost you from anywhere between $400.00 to $800.00 dollars. Maintenance to airbrush equipment is only the cleaning of it after each use. This is only running warm water through the airbrush gun. If you ever did need to buy any new piece or part, you will be looking to spend no more than a hundred dollars (most parts are below fifty dollars). There are no parts that need to be changed each month to keep up with its performance. No special cleaning supplies you need to purchase. And the best part is, there is no huge electrical bill because your only using a small compressor that uses a regular wall plug.

Now compare this low investment to the price of a new tanning bed, maintenance you perform each month, such as the bulbs and fuses. Price to have a maintenance man come out and fix a bed when it goes down and the loss of profit while the bed is out of service. Cost of towels and cleaning solution and all the time you spend each day cleaning those beds. The electrical service that you spend for only one bed much less for multiple beds for the month.

2. Solutions= Tanning Solution is the only thing that you will need to buy on a regular basis. You will be able to buy as little or as much as you need with bottles ranging from 32oz to 128oz. A bottle of 128oz will cost you between $120.00 to $170.00. You might be thinking that this is to much of an experience, but you will only be using on average of 3oz per tan. Out of one bottle of 128oz you can do up to 42 tans. That's 42 customers getting a tan at $30.00 to $35.00, making you a profit between $1,200.00 to $1,500.00.

Solutions are also FDA approved. This form of tanning is also recommended by dermatologist for people with skincare issues and for people who have forms of cancer or who may be at high risk. Tanning solutions have DHA in them. This is a bronzing ingredient that gives the tan on the skin. DHA is found in most cosmetics and tanning solutions are considered a cosmetic base product.

3. Service= Airbrush Tanning is a great service to offer your clients. Airbrush tanning is going to not only save you on your experiences but also on your time. A customer will come in your salon for a spray tan and you will perform these services within 30 minutes of the time they arrived. Their spray tan will last them for about a week and then they will come back in for another spray tan for only 30 minutes again. Your customers will be coming in only one time a week saving you and them the time of coming in daily for 30 minutes and having to wait on their tan to form. Think of how much time and work you will have saved for a week in cleaning beds and booths and rooms between customers. Think of how much your power bill will come down if you have enough clients doing airbrush tanning on a regular basis.

Your customers will love having airbrush tanning available to them saving them on their time and giving them instant enjoyment of having a beautiful tan. You will love offering these services when you can see how airbrush tanning not only saves you time and work but also how airbrush tanning doesn't cut into your profits as much as other forms of tanning.

4. Training= When you purchase your equipment from Sunless Tan Masters, we will come to your salon and train you on how to give a beautiful tan to your customers. With over two years of experience in doing airbrush tanning I have found that their are basic principles that must be followed in giving a beautiful tan that you can not find on some video. Although airbrush tanning is fairly easy to do, it takes a little practice, but I can have you on your way faster, helping you, one on one. Simple steps for you to follow and you will be a professional airbrush tanner in no time.

Sunless Tan Masters will also show you on how to market your new product to your customers and for new client that come in. Sunless Tan Masters is also putting together a marketing plan for Alabama and your local area in a wide range of educational marketing for the airbrush spray tan industry, to show our tanning customers the benefits of the spray tan. This will be coming soon and you may be interested in being apart of this to help boost awareness, that their is a safer way to tan. If you would like to learn more or if you are interested in joining with this type of marketing, please ask.

Above is a list of the profit and benefits Airbrush Tanning can offer to your salon. You can also see the benefits that this service can offer your customers and the reasons why they want to have these services offered to them. Sunless Tan Masters wants to help you build onto your business to make it the best it can be. We want to help salons keep their doors open and be able to make the profits that they should be making in the tanning industry. With over two years of experience in working at salons and being a in--home service provider, we know what your customers want and what you go through as a salon owner.


The Cost of Equipment. $400 to $800

The price of equipment ranges from what types of services you want to offer in the spray tan. The type of equipment you choose to use will also be a factor in how much you will spend on an Airbrush Tan System.

The Cost of Tan Solutions. $120 to $170

There are many different kinds of solution for you to choose from. The average price of 128oz of solution is around $140.00. One bottle of 128oz of solution can tan up to 42 people.

The Cost of Electrical Services. estimated per visit $1

With Airbrush Tanning Services you will not have to worry about a huge power bill. Your equipment will run in a regular wall plug and burn no more power than a regular light bulb.

The Cost of a Space. $0.00

You are a salon owner who owns or rents the space for your business. All the space you will need in order to offer these services to your customers is about a 10X10 room or area. This area most be private so you most take consideration to keep it private.

As you can see from above your cost and over head is a lot lower than the expenses you have for your other Tanning services. Look at the price you spend on tanning beds and booths, compared to the price of an airbrush system. Look at what you spend on tanning bulbs and other maintenance material to keep you bed performing well on a regular basis. Compare that to the Tanning solution you will be purchasing on a regular basis. And just think of how much you can save on your power bill if more of your customers are doing the Airbrush Tanning. You don't even have to have a special wall plug to run your Airbrush Tanning Compressor. You can even make your space in your salon more cost efficient with an Spray Tan Unit.

Offering the Airbrush Spray Tan to your customers will be giving you almost a per profit with almost no experience. You will be seeing a profit anywhere between $30.00 to $40.00 per customer, for just one visit. Now that is good business for you and your salon.

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