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Shipping Information

Each of our brands of equipment and products are shipped separately, straight from the manufacture themselves to insure quality and freshness.  Airbrush equipment such as Paasche, Iwate, Badger, and Tango Sun are shipped by standard shipping rates from UPS.  We supply only standard shipping due to the cost and weight of equipment.  Airbrush equipment will arrive five to ten days after order is placed in most cases.

Sunless Tan Masters does process your orders and sends them to manufactures on the same day or day after order is made.  Shipment times do depend on the manufactures and how fast they process the orders for shipment.  In most cases, orders are processed straight away, but sometimes our manufactures do get back up with orders. 

Pop-up Tents, booths and spray panels sometimes go on backorder.  If this should accure with your order, your booth could take up to 15 days to arrive.

Tan Solutions are often shipped separate than equipment.  In extreme heat, solutions are shipped faster to keep solution as fresh as possible.  Large orders of solutions and tanning products sometimes takes an extra day or two to get ready for shipment.  You should still receive them within five to ten days after the day of purchase.

Please be aware that we supply equipment and products for different suppliers.  Your order will most likely come in two shipments.  All packages you should receive within 10 business days of your order. If not please contact us as soon as possible at

Tracking information is not always provided in a timely fashion from manufactures.  We do send all tracking information we receive to our client but can't guarantee you will receive any. 

Standard shipping rates are as followed:


$0.00 to 9.99 US  $6.95 CANADA   $8.95

$10.00 to 19.99 US $7.95 CANADA $12.95

$20.00 to 29.99 US  $9.95 CANADA $14.95

$30.00 to 39.99 US  $10.95 CANADA $16.95

$40.00 to 49.99 US  $11.95 CANADA $18.95

$50.00 to 59.99 US $12.95 CANADA $20.95

$60.00 to 79.99 US  $14.95 CANADA $22.95

$80.00 to 99.99 US  $15.95 CANADA $25.95

$100.00 to 139.99 US  $16.95 CANADA $29.95

$140.00 to 159.99 US $17.95 CANADA $35.95

$160.00 to 189.99 US  $18.95 CANADA $39.95

$190.00 to 219.99 US  $22.95 CANADA $40.95

$220.00 to 259.99 US $25.95 CANADA $44.95

$260.00 to 299.99 US  $27.95 CANADA $47.95

$300.00 to 349.99 US $32.95 CANADA $52.95

$350.00 to 399.99 US  $34.95 CANADA $54.95

$400.00 to 499.99 US  $39.95 CANADA $56.95

$500.00 and up US  $44.95 CANADA $61.95

Please note that often shipping does cost more than these rates due to shipments coming from seperate suppliers.  Sunless Tan Masters pays any difference in shipping cost.

We asked that you contact us before shipping equipment back and we will cover the charge. The first shipping charge that was charged at the time of order does not apply with our refund policy.  Your order will be refunded minus the first shipping charge.  We do this because shipping charges do not always pay for the cost of shipping orders. Returns also cost us additional shipping charges.

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