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Show Glow Competition Solution

Show Glow Competition Solution
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When its time to accelerate the “WOW” factor, bring out the Sho-Glo. The ideal blend for the competition and show locale, our Sho-Glo solution, is steps above the competitors.

It is the perfect blend of natural ingredients that will keep skin moisturized, radiant and hydrated throughout the tanning process. Helping to maintain the "moist-skin" look, even under sizzling stage lights. Unlike most other tanning solutions, Sho-Glo does NOT use alcohol or other chemicals which often cause dry skin and allergic reactions

This is our classic 10% DHA solution, but enhanced with a triple boost of specialized darker “performance” level tints. The bronzers are hand blended to get a perfect, yet naturally flawless finish. This delivers unsurpassed color and smoothness, even in the intense harsh lighting of stage and photo work.

Traditionally used for body-building competitors, this product is appropriate for medium and medium/dark skin tones. Works well with darker skinned types three and above. Recommended for darker skinned Europeans and those with Mediterranean, Oriental, or Hispanic heritage.

A good solution option, for clients who are mildly "DHA resistive", or love the look of an Ultra Dark looking bronze-like “instant color” tint.

Each hand-made batch of Sho-Glo Tanning Solution is made to order; so you are assured of the freshest product each and everytime.This revolutionary tanning solution with SPF 15 actually helps protect and rejuvenate the skin, enabling a longer-lasting, slow-even fading air brush tan with minimal rub-off.

The Sho-Glo Tanning Solution has incredible staying power and dries almost immediately upon application. Sho-Glo Tanning Solution is the most forgiving product on the market. Even a novice airbrush artist can create a flawless "photo perfect" tan, because the solution actually “corrects” itself after application.

This product has an intense dark bronze tint.


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