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Tanning Booths that Pop up

Tan Booths & Tents

In a professional setting a tanning booth or tent is the area in which the spray tan is performed. Booths are very professional looking and can help the overall appearance of your salon business. You can purchase a booth inexpensively at a spray tan supplies store. These booths are specially designed with durable material and some even come with filter systems already in place. Sunless tan booths and pop up tents help keep over-spray in one area. Most tan solution are washable but they do still leave a sticky feel behind.

The best Pop up tent and spray booth are light in color, helping bring in more light. Light is essential in giving a professional sunless tan. Booths and tents can come with or without filter systems, depending on what you may need. A spray tan filter system is not required by the FDA since tanning solutions are considered safe for external use. The FDA does warn against solutions in or around areas such as the lips, eyes, and ears. We recommend that at least high traffic spray tanning areas, salons will take precautions for the extra safety of themselves and their clients.

Spray Tanning Booths and Towers Systems

Drop Down Tanning Curtain BackdropDrop Down Tanning Curtain BackdropThe Wall Hanging Spray tan Curtain is a one size fits all! Ideal for the professional salon that wants to maximize its space or the mobile therapist alike. Designed in conjunction with professional operators, it is lightweight and can be put up in minutes.
Spray Tan Extraction BoothSpray Tan Extraction Booth
Sun Hut ll Professional Sunless Tanning BoothSun Hut ll Professional Sunless Tanning BoothA professional spray tan booth This is our awesome, spray tanning booth and or tanning chamber. 7 feet tall and 4 feet wide, this sunless tanning booth are great for salons, and home uses. Assembly takes only minutes and is easy to clean. Comes without filter system for discount price of $395.
Overspray Tanning Filter SystemOverspray Tanning Filter SystemPOWER FILTER Is a very effective aircleaner for a spray tan tent or booth. This attractive cabinet is streamline and includes an easy access filter panel. Disposable or washable filters. A professional accessory with spray tanning equipment, tents, and booths.
TAN.FRESH AIR Portable Overspray Extraction UnitTAN.FRESH AIR Portable Overspray Extraction UnitOur range of professional spray tanning filter systems, clean the air and minimize messy overspray created while applying the tan.
Dimensions: 14.9"(L) x 7.9" (w) x 21.6" (H)     Power: 110 volts     Average Air Displacement: 1706'/hour     Weight: 6.6 poundsDimensions: 14.9"(L) x 7.9" (w) x 21.6" (H) Power: 110 volts Average Air Displacement: 1706'/hour Weight: 6.6 poundsSuper lightweight and features a unique 4 Stage Filteration System. These replaceable filters are suitable for the Portable Turbo Twister and Turbo Twister Tower Extraction Units.