Enhancer Drops

DHA Booster Drops plus Glitter and Scented

Drops used to intensify the tan and make it darker are best used with the same brand of tanning solution. Try matching brands together for better results.

Sass-ee Scented Drops Spray TanSass-ee Scented Drops Spray TanThese scented drop are used in all airbrush tanning solutions that are unscented. Spray tanning scented is a great way to personalize your tan with a alluring scent of your choose.
Sass-ee Glitter Drops Spray TanningSass-ee Glitter Drops Spray TanningMica glitter drops for spray tans are highly concentrated shimmers. These glitter drops do not contain DHA but will provide shimmer to your tan. Easily washes off. These drops can be used with turbine and airbrush tanning equipment and solutions.
Leisure Bronzing DropsLeisure Bronzing DropsLeisure Tan Bronzing Drops. Add just a drop or two and get an instant darker tan with your sunless spray tan. Best used with Leisure tan solution but can be used with other DHA tanning solution. Add extra bronzers to your spray tanning solution.
AMP Booster Bronzing DropsAMP Booster Bronzing Drops

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