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Tanning Essentials is the anchor brand for our company. Tanning Essentials is poised to remake the sunless markets with a veritable sea change of products and product sourcing. There is no better time than now to "catch the wave" by adopting Tanning Essentials products!

Tanning Essentials is an industry innovator, both in original product concepts and in strategic market vision. Product innovation is in evidence with the new Tanning Essentials Pro and the totally revamped Classic. The Tanning Essentials Pro is designed from the ground up with both art and utility in mind. This beautiful black and chrome trim unit is a first of its kind design, built solely for the purpose of spray tanning. It is not a repurposed light duty spray unit, like so many competitors.

The latest incarnation of the Classic is a total redesign, exhibiting sleeker lines, nimbler handling, quiet operation, and the rock solid performance resulting from the years of experience of the Tanning Essentials design team. The new Classic is destined to be the sports car of the mobile tanning industry -- the standard that others will strive to emulate. Both units are packaged in contemporary retail packaging. But the Tanning Essentials equipment story doesn't end with these two systems. An innovative product development pipeline is in place. Stay tuned.

Tanning Essentials innovation is backed by a singular market vision. First, a complete offering of equipment, supplies and accessories provides you a one stop shop for those items you need to compliment and support your chosen product brands.

The Trinity Tan approach is simple. Assemble the best sunless spa and salon equipment and products from around the world. Provide the procedures, training, and comprehensive knowledgebase to our customers so that their clients have a superior salon tanning experience. Leave nothing to chance. Provide our customer passionate, fanatical support.

We scour the US and the globe for innovative products, those that exhibit the technical breakthrough , the elegant formulation - the exotic ingredient, the healthful ingredient, the ecologically aware ingredient, the novel approach and the time-tested procedure.

Our anchor brand for equipment and supplies is Tanning Essentials, an innovator and supplier to six continents. Vani-T of Australia is a premium sunless tanning and makeup supplier known for its natural ingredients, elegant packaging, ecologically awareness, and inimitable sense of style. That'so is a premium brand from Italy with a contemporary, uniquely European take on the marketplace. Celestial Bronze is distinctly American brand, offering great value and great quality. Check back with this site frequently, we are constantly assessing new brands for inclusion. For your business, mix and match these lines to make your own individual, creative statement.

To support your endeavors, we offer extensive online resources: training manuals, videos and product demos. You will also benefit from over 30 years of sunless tanning staff experience when you email or give our dedicated customer service staff a call. Our success depends on your success. Our business model depends on making your business prosperous. We hope that you will consider us a valuable partner in the years ahead.

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